Art: 4 Amazing Museums

In Museums, the grandeur paintings, sculptors and handmade books seem to impress most visitors. For students, these creative works offer a chance to see an artist’s greatest masterpiece in person, and with most art colleges offering extra credit for visiting local museums, it provides an added incentive. Regardless of your knowledge of art, all museums on this list manage to offer a compendium of professionally produced works to draw criticism, awe, and expose the artist’s idea behind a work. From the Louvre in France to the Met located in the center of New York, these places make for wonderful places to see.

The Vatican Museums

An estimated four million tourists pass through the halls of the Vatican Museums hoping to catch a glimpse of the marvels that are interspersed throughout its corridors. From Michelangelo’s ceiling frescos to the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums serve as home to some of the greatest collections of paintings, sculptures and ancient manuscripts. Anyone looking on planning a trip to this behemoth will want to take some walking shoes as it stretches over 9 miles in distance.

With several paintings from the Renaissances epoch, visitors will be greeted by paintings from Leonardo da Vinci to Raphael. 13 museums nestle in between 14 opulent courtyards making for one enormous attraction to witness the finest paintings, sculptors and manuscripts.

The Louvre

Famous for harboring the “Mona Lisa,” the Louvre also serves as home to Charles de Maigny sculptures, “The Raft of Medusa” and “The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I.” Paintings may make up for a hefty portion of the Louvre’s attraction, but famous sculptors also liven up the hallways of the museum as well as live lectures and symposiums, films and special exhibitions.

With guided tours in English, individuals can join a group or tour the museum by themselves. If a map is not enough to guide you throughout the massive hallways, you can always use your iPhone to offer an interactive tour of the sites and nostalgia that blankets the museum. The Louvre has also served as the backdrop for several Hollywood movies, and with so much to see, you’ll see why so many producers choose it for a scene in their films.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The strident sounds of loud subways and the fervent pace of pedestrians may not sound like an ideal place for a museum, but New York manages to squeeze in one of the largest art museums in the world. Known simply as the Met, most individuals will have to take a two-day trip just to bare witness to all the artwork the museum has to offer. From 20th century art that includes Monet and Picasso, from 17th century artists like Rembrandt and El Greco, the Met manages to squeeze in a bit of everything.

Scattered along Fort Tyron Park, the Met offers picturesque view of the Hudson River as well as the vibrant life that makes up the city. With artwork ranging from sculptors to handcrafted manuscripts, the Met is a must-see for any individual passing through NYC.

Prado Museum

Madrid, Spain may serve as the focal trip for most study-abroad programs and tourist destinations, but it also serves as home to the Prado. Famous for its collection of Velazquez and Goy artworks, the Prado makes for a wonderful destination for any art student, whether it be an individual attending a graphic design college or a traditional university.

The Prado is home to “Las Mennias” considered one of the most influential Western pieces of artwork created by Velazquez. With day tours going on throughout the day, the Prado offers plenty of paints and sculptors to satisfy the average art-minded individual.

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