5 things you shouldn’t miss at CTM 2015

It’s this time of year again when the best of the weird and wonderful abyss of electronic music takes over the city for a week of performances scattered around some of the cities coolest venues. In regards of the extensive programming, we’ve gone and selected some of the  events and acts that we think you shouldn’t miss out on at this years CTM.

1. Opening party with Sophie & Teki Latex – Saturday January 24th at Yaam

Numbers and PC music associate Sophie has carved his name on the music scene last year with tracks which manage to be just as fun as they are irritating. From Lemonade to Hey QT, all they way to his awesome Diplo collaboration on the last Madonna album (Bitch I’m Madonna) you can’t not have noticed his tracks and it will be interesting to finally get to see the man in action.

Former TTC rapper and label head of Sound Pellegrino, Teki Latex’s personal output might not be his best as of lately but his work with his label has been primoridal in pushing stranger sounds in France’s rather conservative electronic music landscape.

2. Kablam & Amnesia Scanner at Berghain – Thursday January 29th at Berghain

Club constructions and musical collages were a bit of a theme in 2014, a year which saw the rise to a well deserved prominence for Lotic, M.E.S.H and the Janus collective. 2015 is set to be the year which will see the advent of one of the quieter (but not for long) members of the collective, Swedish-born Kablam.

The same night features an absolutely banging lineup with none other than Evian Christ, Suicideyear, Errorsmith, Sherwood & Pinch, and Berlin favorites rRoxymore and Moon Wheel, but the act we’re most excited about is the highly secretive Amnesia Scanner. A sideproject of Renaissance Man with an unbrowsable website, his mechanical take on experimental club music is a triumph of musical surgery. A couple of minutes listen to his live set will give you an idea of what the soundtrack to a machine’s nightmare would sound like.

3. Electric Indigo & Thomas Wagensommerer present Morpheme – Saturday January 31st at Hau2

Viennese artist and founder of the ever-important Female:Pressure collective, Electric Indigo will be premiering her Morpheme project alongside Thomas Wagensommerer. Morpheme is an exploration of a granular microcosm, with the whole performance based around reworks and retwists of a 9-second audio recording of a phrase from a talk by cultural theorist Sadie Plant at CTM 2014: “To let noise into the system is a kind of fine art in both cybernetic terms and in terms of making music, too”. Controlled chaos at its best.

4. Emptyset present Signal – Sunday February 1st at Hau1

This one is a tip-off by festival curator Michail Stangl. Emptyset’s music is to put it simply, musical architecture. The duo manipulate the sound in whichever way they want and Signal is a “complex performance based around the Earth’s ionosphere—radio signals being thrown into the atmosphere, reflected, caught and used as an analog signal chain”, which sounds incredible on paper. Fun fact, one half of Emptyset is Bristol producer Ginz who made a bunch of tracks with Joker back in the day.

5. Mumdance, Logos & Shapednoise present The Sprawl – Sunday February 1st at Astra

Mumdance and Logos are 2 very exciting producers who’ve helped shape the second wave of Grime into the intense to ultrasoothing hybrid it’s become today, and they will be presenting the world premiere of their new project The Sprawl at Astra.

Bonus tip
: Through My Speakers takeover with Sarah Farina, Radar Bird, Nght Drps, Sabrina and Yo Van Lenz – Saturday January 31st at Yaam

You get the opportunity to see these guys relatively often in Berlin but their parties are always a blast and it’s nice to see them getting recognition from such an institution as CTM.

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