Album Review: Palmbomen – Palmbomen II

Photo: Nick Lapien
Photo: Nick Lapien

Following the 15th anniversary celebration of Mr Tim Sweeney’s record label Beats in Space a luscious new LP is set to drop on the 3rd of March from an incredible producer who goes by the name of Kai Hugo aka Palmbomen. Originally hailing from Holland, Hugo just recently relocated to LA, he works under two shapes one being Palmbomen that is more group based and then his solo production, Palmbomen II.

The LP is heavily influenced by his surroundings back when he was based in his mother’s attic and watching the X Files religiously in his hometown of Breda. Hugo took on a much more minimalistic style this time, usually opting for more of a software, on screen approach he decided to strip it down this time and focused on the use of hardware. Described as more of a humanistic approach where you can actually hear his hardware happening in real time, it really is magic to the ears!

It’s a particularly diverse LP with every track possessing a distinct composition that sets them apart from each other but at the same time following a common ground of dreamy electronic techno goodness. You definitely get a sense of these underlying melodies heavily influenced by the iconic series The X Files, with plenty of outer space tripped out vibes filtering throughout the whole album. Hugo has an inconceivable way with soundscapes with the ability to take you somewhere far far away, in this case deep into the land of space with a slice of tropical island on the side.

The track below titled Carina Sayles is just one of the many characters introduced to us via the LP, a fine example of the incredible sounds and style that Palmbomen II possesses. Not to mention it’s a fantastic video. The track is full to the brim with all kinds of dreamy nostalgia with plenty of groove.

Click the link below to get your ears and eyes around the sounds of Palmbomen II. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You can also stream the whole LP via this link.

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