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Frenchman Yann Levasseur released a number of Drum n Bass EPs between 2000 and 2005 and then decided to quit the game to focus on his sound production company. He’s returned 10 years larer as Le Spectre later with a new sound and fresh outlook. We wanted to find our more.

 LSD: For those of us who don’t know about Le Spectre can you describe the project?

Le Spectre: If I had to describe it quickly i’d say Dark ! This project is about making music without taking care of the electronic codes, avoiding production formulas, and receipes. I’m trying to produce very different tracks but keeping it coherent. The only self-limit is to use only vintage analog synths, modular synth, beat boxes, but no samples or virtual synths.

LSD: Ten years is a long hiatus to release music, how did your sound develop in that time?

Le Spectre: I quit electronic music around 2003 because I wanted to develop my sound production company and also because drum and bass wasn’t paying at that time. In fact I never stopped making music but the sound wasn’t here, I was searching. I really wanted to create my own personal music, with a particular sound, something different. I wanted it to be horrific, romantic and analog sounding. Two years ago i saw it coming, both the desire and vision of it. I began to have more time to focus on my project and now the first Ep is out!

LSD: To me the EP and Left Foot in particular would be perfect for a video game or a movie soundtrack, I can already see visuals in my head, do you ever make music with visuals in mind?

Le Spectre: You may know that I work as an advertising sound producer, so I make music and sound design for videos, that’s my job. To be really honest, I make this particularly dark and melancholic music to clear my brain from my work, those positive major scaled tracks they ask me to produce. But no I don’t have any visuals in mind from scratch, i’m just searching for something that will astonish me, trying to be humbly creative.

LSD: If you could choose any movie to compose the soundtrack to which would it be?

Le Spectre: It would definitely be a thriller movie, something with tension, fear, madness. Like Shutter Island. I would also have loved to compose a soundtrack for a movie like Morse, an excellent vampiro romantico film you should watch as soon as you can !

LSD: Your drum and bass past is definitely left behind in this release. Is this something you’ll ever go back to it sounds like Allegoria could easily drop into a DnB track at the first drop at 1min?

Le Spectre: I did DnB for 4 or 5 years and I’m done with it. The DnB scene has been going round in circles for 10 years now. Always the same tricks, the same enormous snare, wobbles. It turned into a technique competition for the fattest sound but it’s not music anymore, I compare it to an ultra speed guitar hero solo, it’s impressive but there is no soul to it. I’m going the opposite way.

LSD: Whats next for Le Spectre?

Le Spectre: A second Ep’s almost ready, it’s more melancholic, and I’m also working on tracks with singers. I already recorded two guys from great Parisian post punk band (Rendez Vous) and punk hardcore band (Unlogistic) and I love the result. So expect to ear about me soon!

Le Spectre’s Analog Monolog Ep is out now via Leonizer Records

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