Art: Hey This Ain’t Art history

Take several looks at this photo. What comes to mind? Maybe…sensuality, sexuality and art? Roberta Bayley‘s keen eye for raw and unfiltered beauty behind eighties punk rock comes to life in this photo. The photo reveals several things: for one the locking of lips, but behind the focal point there’s a passing subway, giving the photo an edgy and still life feel. As we focus on the expression of the two possible lovers, (Blondie and Chris Stein) the blurred subway becomes the backdrop of this free love scenario.  Not only is this photo alluring and sensual but also defiant. An attiude that epitomizes eighties punk. The two lovers are kissing in a public area without a care in the world. Their boldness transcends the audience, (us). For more of Roberta Bayley’s works check out her website
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