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Berlin has no shortage of music festivals and this coming Thursday will start the first edition of We Make Waves, a small yet promising festival and conference for women, trans and non-binary individuals in the music industry, while actually being open to people of diverse ethnicities, ages, and genders. Aiming at raising questions and starting debates on various topics around justice, diversity, and empowerment in the music industry, the festival has a program which will attract both music geeks and artists and activists alike.  

From Thursday, November 9th through Saturday, November 11th, We Make Waves will take place in 3 different locations (St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Villa Elisabeth & Acud Macht Neu), hosting talks, workshops and roundtables, and obviously concerts. There are definitely more than just 5 reasons to attend this new festival, but here are our choices.

1. Chicks On Speed

If you’ve ever been into electroclash, then this will be a show you should not miss. With a cheeky sound that’s both enticing and trashy, and a totally punk attitude, Chicks on Speed are more than a feminist electroclash band, they are a multidisciplinary art project in the vein of the dadaists if they would have ever started a band.

2. Locations: St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Villa Elisabeth & Acud Macht Neu

We Make Waves is the perfect opportunity to explore new venues or change a bit the scenery of the regular clubs we’ve been going to way to often. Located in Mitte, on Invalidenstrasse, St. Elisabeth-Kirche has been ruined for almost half a century, but after its reconstruction, it has become the host of exhibitions, modern art, music and cultural events. On the same street, Villa Elisabeth is a cultural space focusing both on old and contemporary music, classical as well as experimental, having a capacity of over 800 people. And not far from it, on Veteranenstrasse is Acud Macht Neu, a space operating as a cinema, bar, gallery and performance space from within a converted Altbau.


3. Meredith Graves

Meredith Graves is the singer of the punk band Perfect Pussy with roots in hardcore and noise, as well as a writer and photographer. While the music of Perfect Pussy might not be the most impressive, you don’t actually have to like it to be able to relate to the cause she’s fighting for, which is standing up for the people who are still not being heard and expressing views on feminist topics of that still make lots of people uncomfortable.

Meredith Graves will be interviewed by Britta Helm on “the cost of DIY” on Saturday, November 11th, at St. Elisabeth-Kirche.

4. Conference programme

We Make Waves aims at being a platform which connects people of every background, offering a variety of workshops to help improve musical techniques, exercises for health and creativity and useful tips on the organization and financing of projects. From talks by music journalists, discussions about harassment in music to DJing and modular workshops, these 3 days will offer plenty of opportunity to network and connect with like minded people.

Check the full schedule here.

5. Lyra

Lyra is more of a recent discovery which has been haunting me with her ethereal voice and otherworldly sensibility. American singer, composer-producer, and performance artist, Lyra Pramuk’s work is far-arcing by necessity, accomplishing a remarkably broad practice with a brevity of movement.Where the voice is deployed most imaginatively and seductively for Lyra is just where the orbit of electronic music is conceived as a modular spectrum. Whether embodied in Lyra‘s practice as elemental assets of philosophy, theater, or folk-musical histories, a kinder future is summoned as a fictive play in the present.

Lyra will be performing at on Thursday, November 9th at St. Elisabeth Kirche.



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