Interview: Antoine93

Hey, lets do this one a little different k. Instead of rooting for the big guy lets do one for the underdog, the hungry pup coming up from underneath. Lets talk about the curiosity thats growing in the back streets of Berlin. Lets talk about Antoine93.

Another face in the seemingly endless wave of Montréalais shifting to Berlin, Antoine93 is a self sculpted pop-star in the making. Antoine makes bangers, and people are starting to sniff em out. Recently he won the Welcome To Berlin competition put on by Berlin Community Radio and got signed to fantastic Berlin label Mansions and Millions. This is all on the back of his 2nd EP Maybe Unlock My Heart released in December last year. Belieeeeve me, things are beginning to take shape for this young buck.

This Sunday he’s performing at Urban Spree in support of big shot electronic pop act, FOXTROTT. Another Montreal musician, who is making her Berlin debut on the evening. She’s also in fine company with her record label One Little Indian, which also is home to Bjork and Paul McCartney.

YAHOO. Doors are at 9, tickets are 9.90, thats 3 upside down sixes in a row; so you know its good. You can buy tickets here. If you believe in that “Ich bin ein Berliner!” crap get yo ass down to Urban Spree and catch Antoine93 rearrange this city. Support your local scene you fuckwits. LOOOVE.

As often the case, I talked to Antoine93 ahead of his show this weekend at Urban Spree. Get comfortable, maybe get yourself a refereshment and meet Antoine93.

LSD: You’ve definitely got your own kinda sound going on. Can you put a name to it, how do you explain your style?
I’m just trying to make very entertaining, catchy pop music and from what people tell me, it ends up being more than only that. I think the gap between my intentions and the final product is what makes my music kind of weird and unique. More concretely I’ve been really getting into this whole Folk/EDM or Country/EDM thing lately. Do you know what I’m talking about? It has the storytelling aspect of Country that makes you want to sing along but it’s actually an EDM banger. I’m inspired by that right now and I think it will show on the next album.

LSD: folk/edm…I’m thinking like Avicci “Wake Me Up”?….What do you love about pop music? Have you transistioned from being into more far out stuff into more mainstream stuff and just view it from a differant lens?
Yes, Wake Me Up was a big game changer for me, as well as Counting Stars, by One Republic. It’s just so fun to sing along to those songs. Pop music is a very broad term, but I think the reason I’m drawn to dance-pop more than other genres is that it’s a very physical kind of music. It gives energy to its listener. Almost in a scientific way. That’s why EDM is so big right now, all the buildups and the drops are so well calculated that it makes people go out of their mind. On the other hand, if I were to listen to an Aphex Twin or James Ferraro track, which I do, it would make me think. It would be challenging musically. But pop is more about letting go, and that’s where I’m at artistically right now. 
Oh, and to answer the second part, I’ve always listened to pop, as well as weird music. Maybe pop came first. I’m using those terms to make it easier to understand but I hate having to divide music into two generic groups. At the end of the day it’s all connected anyways.

LSD: Your from Montreal, Living in Berlin… Is your music a reflection of the cultural landscapes of these two cities? Or does it exist in its own world inside your head?
Of course. Being inspired by my surroundings is inevitable. I’m pretty sure whatever I’m experiencing, regardless of which city I live in, will influence my music. But the inspiration is not always direct. Like, not because I’m in Berlin that my music will be more techno, you know? That’s a poor example! Anyways. One thing I’ve noticed both in Montreal and Berlin is that even though the underground scene is really open and enthusiastic about pop music, very few people have the guts to make it -as far as I know. I sometimes feel like an outsider for trying to make mainstream pop music, ironically.

LSD: You mean you’re making mainstream pop music ironically? If so tell me a bit about why and if not tell me why you think it seems to be a thing these days. eg soft core porn music.
Haha yea it’s all just a big joke. Gotcha! No, what I meant was that it’s ironic to feel like the ‘outsider’ because my music sounds much more pop than most people in the scene. I’ve always been under the impression it would be the other way around.
I had never heard of softcore porn music before but I’m glad I learned a new term.
I don’t know why anyone would make music they don’t genuinely believe in, if that’s what you’re asking. Maybe it’s less risky for them. That way if they change their mind about it or if other people aren’t into it they can just say “Oh, that? Nah i was just fucking with you”. I think it’s totally healthy for people to have evolving taste and eventually to explore new avenues that they would have never considered before (like me with edm-folk). It always shows if you’re doing things from a place of truth. But you also have to be able to laugh at yourself, otherwise it gets too serious and people get bored.
By the way, I just googled softcore porn music and all I found was this:

LSD: The coupling of the hard beats with often vulnerable and emotional lyrics is an interesting pairing. I can imagine someone dancing out their demons to this music. Is the making of the music a cathartic thing for you, or is your intention just to create some strong powerful, passionate music?

Haha, I can definitely see someone dancing really intensely to one of my songs and crying about a breakup at the same time. God, that would be mentally challenging… I don’t know, I write about all the meaningful stuff that happens in my life. You can only talk about what you know, right? I think having lyrics I and other people can relate to is the best way to make music that can live independently from the ever so changing musical trends, sub genres, etc.

LSD: Where is the perfect place to listen to your music?
In the club. The biggest and loudest club in the world. 




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