Berlin: Chelsea Wolfe Live 12.11 & Interview

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Chelsea Wolfe recently released her new LP Abyss, she then started the album tour last month in the USA, and is now heading towards Europe with a stop at Berlin’s SO36 on November 12th! Win tickets to this almost sold out show organised by Landstreicher by naming your fav Abyss track in the comments below.
Wolfe counts fans among metal aficionados, rock electro connoisseurs and dark pop enthusiasts, her new album leans perhaps more towards new metal and less towards electronica; inspired by her sleep paralysis, the lyrics remain uber sombre and poetic,  and the result mixes power and grace and is beautifully dark.  Here are a few words about touring and writing Abyss.

How do you feel about touring?
CW: I always imagine that I dislike touring, but then on the second day of a tour the van becomes home and the venues become home and I fall in love with all the new places and energy I find along the way. It’s still a rough ride sometimes; it’s a lot of labor bringing your life on the road – it’s a circus. But it’s also such a special and unique experience that I’ve learned to enjoy. I like driving through the US, especially Colorado and Utah, the landscape is strange and alien. I also love driving through Scandinavia, with all the forest to stare at. On tour I end up writing a lot because I have so much time to think and daydream. It’s a good time to get your head together.

How do you usually spend your days, do you write a lot?
CW: I write all year long. I do like being at home where I have my guitars and my studio set up. I work on music, I write things that have no rules like pages of ideas or short stories, I work on scents, and sometimes paintings or video. It all feeds into each other and inspires new creativity. I sometimes write songs for other people – whether they use them or not, and I’m also working on a side project with a large group of musicians, with different people on each song but with me and my bandmate Ben Chisholm at the helm, producing and curating it all. I can’t wait until there’s enough time to finish it! It might be years…

Can you imagine yourself making some different music or sound, how do you decide the direction of your music once in the studio?
CW: For sure, I plan to keep experimenting and I don’t know exactly yet what my next songs or album will sound like or be like, but I just follow them as they come. I want to do more acoustic music in the future. I also want to play more heavy music, electronic music, industrial sounds. I’m into it all. When we were in the studio for Abyss working with John Congleton last winter, he knew I wanted the album to be heavy and clear but also raw and emotional, so we were striving toward that balance throughout our time there.

And to put you in the mood before the 12th, here’s the opening track of the album, “Carrion Flowers”, perfect example of that balance Wolfe refers to. See you at the show!


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