Berlin: Thessaloniki Meets Berlin

Thessaloniki meets Berlin

Berlin and Thessaloniki, two cities so much alike, but there is still no strong collaboration. This project aims for artists, DJ’s, musicians, filmmakers Greeks and Berliners who have activities as artists, DJ’s, musicians to be one.

Come and join Greek Berliners showcasing their work and prominent Berlin personalities engaging in discussions about this special GrecoBerlin bond.

Of course when it comes to Greece, food couldn’t miss!

Join this attempt to to co-exist and co-create through a tasteful journey to the Greek gastronomy paths and culture.
The Thessaloniki – Berlin way of living.

Street Art Festival Thessaloniki (SAF) – Black Radio Berlin – Club Commission – Kulturersatz – re:publica invite you!

Doors Open – Date
28 October, Wednesday
Event Opens : 18:30
Start : 19:00

Zum Böhmischen Dorf – Sanderstrasse, 11 – Neukölln, Berlin

Scheduled Program
– Talks & Content
21:00 – 02:00
– Music, Food, art, charity action (Do-Nation Day Refugee Thessaloniki 9.11.)

Bring Warm Clothes For The Refugees

Guests Greek – Berliners

Andreas Gebhard – re:publica CEO

Alexandros Marantelos – SAF Founder, Robert Bosch Stipendiat in stART Program

Stratos Tzitzis – Film Director

Chris Ex – Black Radio Berlin – Charity events (Do-Nation Day)

Dimitris Argyriou – Film Director

Stassy – Techno Taverna Founder

Marc Wohlrabe – Club Commission – Board Member

Thomas Scheele – Kulturersatz – Club Commission

Christoph Borkowsky – Womex President – (TBA)

Christian Goiny – Berlin Parlliament

Full Program
-Talks – Presentations
– Short Film Projection ” The Dinner ” (Dimitris Argyriou)
-Greek gastronomy dishes by Local greek food traders. – GrinBox (Markthalle Neun)

Djs Local Berliners and Greeks
-Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi, Your Mom’s, TOFU)

-Stassy (Taverna Tracks) – (Techno Taverna)

-Chris Ex (Black Radio Berlin, Republic 100,3 Radio)

Greek-Berliners artists, art installations.

stART is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren e.V. (German Association of Sociocultural Centers).


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