Berlin: Win 1×2 GL for The KVB & Die Wilde Jagd @Musik&Frieden

the kvb


UK’s upcoming duo The KVB  was formed in 2010 by Nicholas Wood and Kat Day. In those 8 years they kept themselves very busy. First they released a number of limited cassette and vinyl releases before 2012 when their first full-length Always Then was released. The year after they released Immaterial Visions with new material and Minus One re-releasing material that had previously come out in the form of digital downloads and extremely limited cassettes. In 2015 they released  Out of Body EP on Anton Newcombe’s (Brian Jonestown Massacre) A Records label. They had recorded the EP the year before at Anton’s Berlin studio with drummer Joe Dilworth, who had worked in the past with Stereolab.  Mirror Being their more experimental work was released on Portishead’s Geoff Barrow label Invada the year after that brings us to their latest release their Of Desire album, recorded with vintage synths from Geoff Barrow’s collection.

They are on tour at the moment and are playing on Tuesday October 10th at Musik & Frieden.  We are giving away 1×2 guest list spots. All you have to do is send an email to win (at) localsuicide . com with The KVB in the subject line and your favorite The KVB song in the email.

Supporting The KVB will be our buddies from Die Wilde Jagd, an upcoming Berlin based band. Quoting them Die Wilde Jagd (German for The Wild Hunt) “go hunting in the thicket of Neo-Krautrock, Electronica and Synthpop”. Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Philipp first met in 2016 at the legendary Düsseldorf venue Salon des Amateurs and decided to start making music together in Beck’s well-equipped with various analog keyboards and recording devices studio. The result was their first album on Bureau B. and their Geisterfahrer EP on Correspondant.

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