BERLIN: Win 1×2 Tickets For Herzbuben At Fiesere Miese

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One’s gotta hate Valentines Day. Sticky couples all over the place, pressuring themselves to yet more consumption of unnecessary dust collectors doomed for a life at the back of your drawer. HOWEVER, on this very day, the creative minds behind Herzbuben were able to arrange for quite another stimulation for your heart. Look at them, at those Techno soldiers, lined up and ready to charge. Some came from Belgium, others from Holland. Some from Greece, others from right here in Berlin. An international Techno army, led by the finest aristocracy of the genre. On February 14th at Fiesere Miese, they are the Herzbuben.

Get the chance to win 1×2 spots on the guest list by dropping us a quick mail to until Saturday 4pm! We’ll contact the winner.



Line Up:

Dany Rodriguez (Advanced / MB Elektronics)
Steve Mulder (Advanced / Orange Recordings)
Kaiser Souzai (Trapez / Ballroom)
Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi / Your Mom’s)
Marion Cobretti (Threesome / NoBeef)
Vom Feisten (Ballroom, SPULE Music)
Abyssal Chaos (Advanced)

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