Berlin: Win 1×2 Tickets for NYE – HIGH AS A ROCKET @ Salon Zur Wilden Renate



This NYE grab your helmets and G-force juice, as Wilde Renate will enter the New Year at the speed of light. This interplanetary journey is accompanied by all sorts of well-known and musically spaced out friends. The party motto: HIGH AS A ROCKET – higher and more wasted than ever before.

Journey with us as we pitch-hike through the galaxy sipping on fermented spaceman juice Skywalking with your Anakinky baby and Barbarella to a new light year. The lineup is out of this world special terrestrials from outer space on every landing stage. The atmosphere is shining bright like a supernova until everyone hears the Big Bang.

Among them is in the black room with the stellar duo Cassegrain one of the most successful producer teams at the moment which take us from heavy to driving techno. Due to their impressive debut album “Centers of Distraction” as well as tracks with acid acrobat Tin Man the two catapulted rapidly through the techno scene taking over fifty gigs in twenty nations this year alone as headliners.

True rocketeers are Italian spaceman Fango creating soundwaves for aeons now whose sets can confidently be called “rousing” and new york disco edit hobbyist and former !!! Space member. Arriving from France’s off planet settlement interstellar Jennifer Cardini is active in the scene for more than twenty years who is also considered as one of the best DJs in the galaxy.

With his countless productions and extremely adaptable projects like Black Spuma or Tuff City Kids the almost omnipresent Phillip Lauer will be gracing the decks Of course the presence of our favorite resident cosmonauts from disco star Paramida to House-Hero Homeboy the secret Jedi knight Sebastian Voigt and malfunctioning androids PEAK & SWIFT can all be expected as well among many others!


Get the chance to win 1×2 tickets for the party by naming two movie references in the above text in comment section below. We’ll contact the winner – good luck!

Full Line-up:
Alexkid /// wu-dubs, rekids
Cassegrain /// prologue, arcing seas
DJ Normal 4 /// klasse wrecks, aiwo
Fango /// degustibus
Jennifer Cardini /// correspondant
Justin Van Der Volgen /// golf channel, esp institute, hell yeah
Lauer /// permanent vacation, larj, running back
Paramida /// love on the rocks
Rex The Dog – live /// kompakt

22ROCKETS /// renate, voyager
Adam Aalias /// banane!
Cyranotaurus Cortex /// yorck12, renate
Jack Jenson b2b Oben Ole /// exploited ghetto, renate
Jamaica Suk /// gradient, l.a.g.
Johannes Albert /// frank music, renate
Jonny Nyn /// tokyo redlight, renate
Kotelett&Zadak /// ursl, katermukke
Kevin STN /// luvthang
Magda El Bayoumi ///
PEAK & SWIFT /// renate schallplatten
Plattenali /// pegasus ltd.
Samuel Gieben /// love on the rocks
Sebastian Voigt /// outcast oddity, renate
Swam:Thing /// renate
Tobias Gullberg /// crime city disco, renate

Absinthe Floor hosted by SADO OPERA:
Emmanuelle 5 /// ich bin ein berliner-in
Jared Abbott /// icky
Kirill Shapovalov /// haute dance
Kolya Rish /// sklepok, sado-palace
Olympia Bukkakis /// collective anxiety
ROTCIV /// mister mystery
Sado Opera’s “Love Radio: welcome 2018 special”/// renate
Some Chemistry /// bordello a parigi, next monday’s

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