Berlin: Win 1×2 Tickets for Vakant @ Kater Blau (Dec 11)

VakantBerlin collective Vakant is inviting for one last get-together in 2015 at Kater Blau this Friday, December 11th! With a small but might all star line up featuring Mathias Kaden, Tolga Fidan (live), the Sons of Tiki from Belgium and Mathias Kaden‘s quasi-neighbor Max Nippert who will be opening the night.

FB Event
RA Event

Also on Vakant: Out of Detroit and into Amsterdam –  Anonym is presenting his new opus: XXX – The Private Selection. You can check the samples below, one track is open for a free and lossless file download! The full package is available on 2×12″ (anonymXXX1 & anonsmXXX2) as well as digital.

For more Anonym check his latest podcast!

To win the guest list slots, just send us an email at win @ localsuicide. com with Vakant in the subject line and the track you would love to hear tonight in the email.

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