Berlin: Win 2 Tickets for Toktok & Soffy O’s Release Party @ Suicide Circus

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Following the release of “The Point” a few months ago, Berlin electro techno outfit Toktok vs Soffy O are finally putting out Yes No Yes on March 5th –  their second full album since the self-titled debut in 2002. Catch a preview on iTunes, and listen to their discography on Bandcamp. To mark the occasion, we asked Toktok a few questions.

LSD: What is the history of Toktok?

Tok Tok: It all started around 1993 when we all came to Berlin and lived in a squat in Rigaerstrasse. We were not really too much into techno at the time, rather hardcore and hip-hop, but we helped organize a party of the travelling techno collective Spiral Tribe in a neighbouring squat and kind of got sucked in. They were playing long live sets with loads of machines and they showed us how they did it in their studio truck. Shortly after that we started to do our own parties and played in clubs like the Bunker and Tresor. We met Soffy on kind of a blind date in SO36 in 2000 and felt that we could try to make a track together. Weirdly enough, that turned out to be “Missy Queen’s Gonna Die”, which also was our first hit together.

Why a new album now?

Tok Tok: Why not? We never really stopped collaborating and working on things together, but we obviously took our time. And suddenly we had these tracks sitting there, and we thought: yes no yes? And finally said yes.

And what inspired you?

Tok Tok: I don’t know, inspiration comes definitely from various styles of music, and I think that all of us three have quite different sources of inspiration most of the time. The techno scene nowadays is slowly recovering from being very streamlined and bland for quite some years, but people seem to finally concentrate on caring more about their own individual sound which is far more interesting. It’s actually at a point now where we are enjoying it again, and that’s also because of the fresh blood coming into the city the last couple of years.

Do you feel your own style has evolved?

Tok Tok: Well it definitely has slowed down in tempo, because when we started, we started with Gabba, Hardcore, and Acid. Other than that we have changed our style quite a bit over the years, hard to say in which direction exactly though. Our sound is rougher live than on record, more playful and chaotic maybe, and this is also where we draw most of the inspiration from.

What are your plans for Toktok?

Tok Tok: First of all, we are going to have a nice little record release party at Suicide Circus Berlin. Everything else is not planned at the moment, we wanted to take it from there. Remixes are definitely already happening though and they are probably going to be released in a month or two, so stay tuned!

Win a ticket to see Toktok and Soffy O live at their release party on March the 3rd at Suicide Circus club in Berlin by sending an email to win @ localsuicide . com


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