Berlin: Win 2×2 Guestlist Spots for Des Rues de Sucre @About Blank

des rues de sucre


It is time for yet another edition of the always fun Des Rues De Sucre party. The organizers of the party are the „Straßen aus Zucker“ aka streets of sugar. Their motto is also part of German band’s Frittenbude poetic lyrics „Wir wollen die Freiheit der Welt und Strassen aus Zucker“, we want the world’s freedom and streets made of sugar.

„Straßen aus Zucker“ is a free antinational paper that is being released more or less every six months. Its 180.000 copies are being read in the entire German speaking territory.

This installment like all the past ones is very special. It will be the Berlin debut performance of French prodigy Betty, who loves to mix grime/ tech UK sounds and electro. She is a resident on Overdrive Infinity, Rinse France and is the host of the Bonus Stage party at La Java in Paris and London. She has played in some of London’s and Paris’ most renowned venues and it was about time she hits Berlin.

She’s joined by wonderwoman Monya. Originally from Poland but based since over a decade in Berlin, Monya is part of the Killekill family, is the head of the Corresponding Positions label with releases by the likes of Rebekah, Bas Mooy, Mike Parker and Perc, and will be enchanting the crowd with an outstanding live set.

Leipzig Institut fuer Zukunft’s Nyt, Berlin’s DJ Hirax b2b with Cases of Madness Sarah For Sure, resident at Des Rues De Sucre remap, Berlin via Munich Charly Schaller and trash n pop masters Schnöselpöbel are on board as well. Last but not least our very own Local Suicide will be performing for the very first time at About Blank. Hot off their release on My Favorite Robot Records and with more than 80 gigs all over the world just this year, the duo will do what they do best, tear the dance floor to pieces.

This might be your lucky day, because we are giving away 2×2 guest list spots. All you need to do is email us at win @ localsuicide . com with Des Rues De Sucre in the subject line and your favorite track at the moment in the email. The winners will be notified on Friday.

Betty (Overdrive Infinity/Rinse France)
Local Suicide (My Favorite Robot, Multi Culti, T.O.F.U.)
Monya *live* (Killekill / Corresponding Positions)
Nyt (IFZ)
DJ Hirax b2b Sarah For Sure (Cases of Madness)
remap (des rues de sucre)
Charly Schaller
Schnöselpöbel (pop’n’trash)


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