Berlin: Win 2×2 Tickets for Cus Cus /w President Bongo, Gunnar Stillar & many more

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On Friday December 4, 2015 there is the annual birthday event of CusCus – Essence of Naturehead honcho, producer & DJ Mark Jackus with the best lineup Berlin has to offer that night at the combined Loftus Hall & Bertrams. Besides Gus Gus’ singer President Bongo aka Gluteus Maximus and Upon You‘s Gunnar Stiller there will be the Lithuania’s best kept secret Golden Parazyth, Noir Music’s own Marcus Sur, Leonizer Record’s boss Leonard De Leonard, Local Suicide and many more!


Get the chance to win 2×2 tickets for the party by sending us a quick mail with your name to We’ll contact the winners.

Full Lineup:
President Bongo
aka Gluteus Maximus (Kompakt/ GusGus)
Gunnar Stiller (Upon.You / Watergate)
Golden Parazyth (Lithuania/ Vilnius)
Mark Jackus (Noir Music/ CusCus Music)
Local Suicide (Bordello a Parigi/ T.O.F.U.)
Chris Count (Intec Digital/ CusCus Music)
Marcus Sur (Noir Music/ Tsuba)
Leonard De Leonard (TRAUM/ Leonizer Rec)
Dompe (subdub/ stylerockets)
Sebastian Plössner (Renate)
Franz B. Werner (VFMM/D.KO/Goethebunker)
Dj Badre (Herz und Leber)
Bier & Schnaps
Ivy (Klangkost)

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