Berlin: Win 2×2 Tickets for Four Play /w Hanne & Lore, Robert Owens, Schlepp Geist @ Ritter Butzke

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In the beginning, it was all one big wild dream. In this dream, we could do anything. The fantasies became weekend routines and the obscenities ​turned into habits. Like so many who arrived in Berlin with careful notions of liberation, we too lived to see how boundaries are too often more mental than physical, and slowly we found ourselves on a path that led to that sweet self-acceptance, to the removal of those last traces of guilt and remorse. Rejecting religious norms, despising the capitalist spirit, mocking protestant ethics, and encouraging gratification of a sexual nature. Nature has placed us under the governance of two sovereign masters: pain and pleasure. However, in the Four Play, we cannot set the goal to the maximization of pleasure or the minimization pain, since we too, already know, one cannot exist without the other. And so, how do we proceed from here? We do not posses all answers: alas, deep into the Berliner night, even hedonism seem to has been normalized. What remains, however, is an endless experimentation. In body, in soul, in time as well as in space, the Four Play project was designed for this aim, and this purpose solely: to allow you to experiment your adulthood without setting hard-rules to the game. The second edition of Four Play on January 20th 2016 adheres to the musical concept of four interpretations of electronic music spread on the four Ritter Butzke floors:

▶ The Ölfasslager floor remains our “Energy Floor”: four acts, consisting of six artists who represent four different faces of the Berliner House Music scene. Spearheading is the relentless duo Hanne & Lore, with releases that have literally shaped countless nights in the city. A second, different direction, will be offered by the Venezuelan vocalist Aerea Negrot, who is rapidly becoming a true ambassador of Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control sound. With her ecstatic performing style, Mint’s recent recruit Denise Swan is the perfect fuel for igniting such a massive event and at the very other end, the wonderful Techno Frühstück duo is the recipe for a healthy breakfast. With its recent “Nebel” EP, the young duo’s promising name repeatedly echoed in the streets of Berlin during 2016.
Once again, the Energy concept is designed for you to submit yourself to the music and let it lead your steps.

▶ The Salon is our “LIVE” floor and with its stage-like structure will host legendary Chicago House vocalist Robert Owens, performing a typical hybrid DJ-set combined with live singing. Following Owens are two live Tech House local icons: Schlepp Geist and Beatamines, who represent the sound of some of the most influential labels in the Berlin scene. The live floor will conclude with the Vizard trio: a baby that was born to the Zigan Aldi Colletive and Il Civetto band. The Live concept requires your own live feedback: it is up to you to shape the performances on stage.

▶ A refuge from the ultimate seek of musical precision and perfection you will in our Fun Floor. Only one man took this mission upon himself, and will serve you anything from disco to funk and soft electronica in a beautiful, communicative all-night journey. Perhaps as long as the journey that he himself, Marcel Puntheller, has to go through from his hometown Heidelberg to Berlin.

▶ Ritter Butzke’s mysterious Grauzone will be our Dark Floor. With its forest decoration and industrial style gallery, it is exactly the place for you to hide and seek. Welcome to the dark utopia: A place where you can gather together all those sensations you collected on all other floors into a physical manifestation. In the refuge of the merciless, pure Techno beats and the obscurity of the trees, it is the place for you to rid yourselves of your last constraints, whether physical or mental. Enter your childhood playground long after sunset.



To get the chance to win 2×2 tickets for the party just send us a short mail with with your full name + event name to win (at) localsuicide (dot) com. We’ll contact the winners, good luck! 

Hanne & Lore (Kittball Records)
Robert Owens (Trax Records)
Schlepp Geist (live) (URSL)
Beatamines (live) (EINMUSIK)
Vizard (live)
Aerea Negrot (BPitch Control Records Berlin)
Techno Frühstück (Twin Town)
Derek Marin – Derek M (Litte Helpers)
Denise Swan (Mint Berlin)
Ady Toledano (MusicHeaven Recordstore)
Barbara Myra (Birgit&Bier)
Marion Cobretti (Birgit&Bier)
Marcel Puntheller (Endlos.)
Saran Battsengel
Juarés (pullproxy)

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