Berlin: Win 2×2 tickets for MTV Headbangers Ball /w Sepultura @ Huxleys

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„This is throwback now: in the late 80s, when music television still used to be relevant and interesting, MTV broadcasted a show centred around Heavy Metal and all sorts of loud, fast and hard rock music. Presented by Adam Curry and by the show’s probably most influential host Riki Rachtman (in Europe most spectators were greeted by Vanessa Warwick), MTV Headbanger’s Ball was, with „Beavis & Butthead“ as the other viewer magnet focusing on the Heavy Metal scene, among the station’s most successful formats and in clear opposition to general mainstream music and the Top40 music videos aired in the day time. It helped to popularise the up and coming gerne of Heavy Metal and boasted the careers of countless bands from all over the world.

As it already was tradition back then, „The Ball” also took place outside your TV set and went on many tours and on top accompanied also several bands while being on tour, e.g. with Danzig visiting the Munich Oktoberfest or doing a skydive trip with Megadeth.

On 30th of November 2017, the Headbanger’s Ball returns to Berlin‘s Huxleys to present you a fine selection of heavy guitar sounds, inviting American Thrash Metal legends Overkill, Finnish Death Metalheads Insomnium, German Newcomers Deserted Fear and the iconic Max Cavalera and his brother Iggor Cavalera, both founding members of Brazilian Metal icons Sepultura, performing their genre defining 1996 album album „Roots“, including their evergreen „Roots Bloody Roots“.

Local Suicide gives away 2×2 spots on the guestlist for this legendary night. Just drop us a line to win at and let us know your favourite song of „Roots“ and with a little luck you’ll have a massive neck stiff the next day, after having headbanged the shit out of your body at Huxleys!“


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