Berlin: Win 2×2 Tickets for Opium of the People @ Salon Zur Wilden Renate

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Salon Zur Wilden Renate teams up with Lithuania’s best club Opium which is located in Vilnius to host their first ever take-over of the Lithuanian gang headed by Manfredas & V to celebrate their first club compilation. Also on board are Opium residents 12 INČŲ PO ŽEMEClickloungeSiaubas besides Tel Aviv’s new rising star Autarkic, Power Station’s Kris Baha and the two Multi Culti heads Dreems & Thomas Von Party among others.


Get the chance to win 2×2 tickets for the night by sending us your most favorite Lithuanian artist and your name to win (at) We’ll contact the winners, good luck!

Full Line Up

Black Room
Christopher Rau /// smallville
Anja Zaube /// nemorous rec
Odopt /// born free, discos capablanca

Green Room
Autarkic (live) /// disco halal, malka tuti
Dreems & Thomas Von Party /// multi culti
Lipelis /// l.i.e.s, public possession
V musique /// correspondant, cin cin, nautilus rising, opium club

Red Room
Manfredas /// les disques de la mort, opium club
Kris Baha /// power station
12 INČŲ PO ŽEME /// opium club
Clicklounge /// opium club
Siaubas /// power cuts, opium club

Absinth Floor
SADO OPERA`s Love Radio /// sado palace, renate

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