Berlin: Win 2×2 tickets for Out-Er label party at Ohm


In honor to Out-Er release number thirteen Desk Jockeys EP, produced by Lucretio & Marieu aka The Analogue Cops, aficionados and music operators are invited to attend the theoretical and practical workshop and party run by Out-ER team. The aim is to explore the relationship between music and driven sensations, make a socio-semiotic analysis of techno music and reconstruct the fragments of a live performance. In the workshop will take part Lucretio, Simone Gatto and the live performance of MØRK Live from 8.30 pm to midnight, while the the party will be set by Orlando Voorn, Buck, Regen and SIMONE GATTO.


[From 20.30 to 23.59] – WORKSHOP
Simone Gatto -> The relationship between sounds and sensations. Mirror neurons and activated areas in our brain. Emile Jacques – Dalcroze: the movement is music, music is movement.

Lucretio -> The meaning potential of techno music as inextricably bounded with its social context. The potential of music of realizing other kinds of meanings. The social semiotics theory developed by Halliday (1978), Hodge and Kress (1988).

The Analogue Cops + MØRK Live -> Constructing and reconstructing live fragments: the artists will write and arrange a fragment of live session from scratch just using hardware and without prerecorded samples. They will introduce the basic tools and paths to perform a live on stage. They will sample on fly from vinyl recordings the grooves to build up their sequences.

Workshop PLAN


[From 23.59 to 6.00] – PARTY! with Orlando Voorn, Buck, Regen, Simone Gatto

We have 2×2 tickets to give away for the event, to get involved simply leave us a comment, and for more information on the night head over to the event page

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