Berlin: Win 2×2 Tickets for Turn Around Bright Eyes @ Berghain

TurnAround 15.15

Inspired in part by ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ Turn Around Bright Eyes  is a digital art meets live music event that’s pushing the boundaries of the musical experience. This unique show hosted by Your Mom’s Agency will feature live performances by shamanic techno heads Hyenaz, Berlin’s own electronic master Peter Kirn, and headliner French demented folktronica musician Koudlam (keep reading for an interview below), along with sound installations that marry mind and body through music, and an exclusive video interpretation of Bonnie Tyler’s infamous song by the equally infamous Peaches. Finishing it all off is an aftershow with none other than DJs Local Suicide.

 So come out on October 15th to the world’s best and most mysterious club, the iconic Berghain, and encounter light and darkness through this audiovisual spectacle. For more info, head to the #TurnAroundBerghain page, and make sure to mark your calendars!

Once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there’s only love in the dark, Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart.

Here’s a chance to win 2×2 tickets for the show: just leave a comment below telling us the act from the lineup that you’re most looking forward to!


LSD: Koudlam, you were in Berlin not so long ago, how was your show?
Koudlam: I don’t remember… Oh, yes I do! It was at this very cool venue named Konzúlat. Nice building, nice people—as always in Berlin.

LSD: Are you excited to be back playing at Berghain?
Koudlam: Oh yeah! So happy to play there; it’s like singing at ‘Mecca,’ no?

LSD: Is Berghain to Germany what Benidorm is to Spain—even if on a smaller scale?
Koudlam: Haha, very strange comparison! Anyway, I’ll enjoy Berghain even more since I’m aware that Claire Danes is around, naked and full of ecstasy.

LSD: Your collaborator Jamie Harley will be at the same event, showing the video for your song ‘Negative Creep’ in a techno club where you’re going to play ‘Negative Creep’… Is it a bit of a mise-en-abîme?
Koudlam: Certainly, the mise-en-abîme is the quest…

LSD: Any other plans during your stay? And any more video releases or international touring in the next months?
Koudlam: Many, many things for the next months: international touring, new records—the whole package. Stay tuned, my friend.

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