Berlin: Win 2×2 Tickets for Voyage Voyage Open Air @ Else

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Top weather is announced for the very first Voyage Voyage open air in the ELSE on 8 July 2018. The lineup is exquisit as usual – the day will be started with Voyager Bene aka THE SWIFT. No one knows better how to bring the membrane into vibration and the amplifiers to operating temperature. The Tel-Aviv newcomer Autarkic, who releases mainly on Moscoman’s label Disco Halal, is a musical beast who does not mince words and gives us a feeling with emotional power songs like “I Know” (Turbo Recordings) as if Germany would still be separated and Bowie would scream from his soul. Collaborations with supertalented Xen (Tel Aviv) or remixes from his musical circle like Simple Symmetry or Red Axes, show where the serious man stands – Autarkic in the middle. Fantastic Twins is the project of Julienne, who made her way from Saint-Étienne via Glasgow and London to Berlin. Her musical base is under the wings of record label Hippie Dance and with the godfathers of Optimo Music. Her live set will be the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon in the sun, a seemingly endless desert ride to the oasis in your heart. A musical foretaste and interview can be found in the last Radio Renate Special.

Also, from Tel Aviv but based in Berlin for some years now, Moscoman puts a lot of passion and energy into his label Disco Halal, which has high quality output in which almost every record becoming a hit in the indie dance scene. In addition, Mosco tours around the world diligently and delivered 9 records in 2017 on his newly founded label TREISAR, not to forget his uber-EP “Dévoué” for Renate Schallplatten.

Sir Ivan Smagghe is a mystery for some, but no stranger for the ones looking beyond the charts, he offers a coral reef full of music and possibilities for musical deep-divers. The 90s veteran from Paris, living in London for decades is an instance as a DJ and producer and a jack of all trades in various studio cooperations, as well as a radio and label maker. His label Les disques de la mort is a guide in the matters “Weirdo Cool” to “Super Trip”. Ivan Smagghe cannot be put in a box and does not want to be. His insane outpourings are indebted to his eternal questioning and then condensate to strong mixes as recently on RENATE PODCAST 047.

If you do not know Manfredas, you’ve lost the picture. The Opium clubresident (Vilnius) and pioneer of the “Chunky Neo Disco Wave” scene from Lithuania, is on a very good way to get into the Olympus of DJ Gods. His DJ sets are truly inspiring. With his own releases on Smagghe’s label “Les Disques de la Mort” as well as “Multi Culti”, Manni (as his friends call him) is also a sought-after remixer and hit-guarantor for some talented artists in his field such as Red Axes, C.A.R. or Deaf Chonky. If you have any further questions that night, please contact Voyage Residents 22ROCKETS and CYRANOTAURUS CORTEX.


Get the chance to win 2×2 tickets for the open air by sending us your favorite track of one of the performing artists including your name + event name to win (at)! We’ll contact the winners – good luck!

Fantastic Twins *live* (Hippie Dance, Optimo music)
Ivan Smagghe 
(Les Disques De La Mort)
(Disco Halal)
(Les Disques De La Mort)
(Disco Halal, Malka Tuti)
 (Voyager, Tenate)
The Swift
(Voyager, Renate)
Cyranotaurus Cortex 
(Voyager, Renate)

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