Berlin: Win Tickets For The Soft Moon Live

DennisShoenberg6Photo by Dennis Schönberg.

You might have already watched the video Wasting here on Local Suicide, or maybe you are a fan of the previous albums; then the new one, Deeper, won’t disappoint. It can be tough for artists to keep fans happy while still evolving; that’s no challenge for The Soft Moon, thanks to Luis Vasquez’ raw ingenuity and great production by Maurizio Baggio, the album is fresh and includes all the usual suspects: elements of shoegaze, noise, post-punk, synthpop, dark wave (do I dare say batcave?), a whiff of The Cure and Cinema 90, and a heavy hand of Depeche Mode as added flavour.

Just like E from Eels and many others, making music is Vasquez’ therapy, exposing bits and pieces of an overactive film noir paranoid imagination, fear of dark matters lurking in the human psyche, rebel excitement followed by lingering elegy… Welcome to the dark side of California, you are allowed to get lost in the music like Vasquez got lost in Berlin and the Italian mountains surrounding the Hate studio to write this LP.

Following an intense US tour, The Soft Moon will play live at Schwuz in East Berlin on May 19th. Wanna win a ticket and be part of the action? Tell us in the comment section below what’s your fav track from the new album.

To put you in the mood for the show and in case you missed out on the last video, Wasting, starring Mulholland Drive’s actor Robert Forster!

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