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Photo Credit: Staticflickr
Photo Credit: Staticflickr


Christy Moore is the kind of singer you want to listen to if you enjoy a varied song list. The Irish folk singer and guitarist sings with passion, leaning over his trusted guitar belting out love songs, lyrics about the loneliness of emigration, upbeat numbers about entertaining events and, of course, the songs where he challenges injustices. This is music for easy listening during a night of home games or when driving along.

Christy’s music is firmly rooted in his Irish background. Coming from the midlands of Ireland, his life and the people he has met provide his inspiration. A time spent in London gave the background for his songs about emigration and the lives of people of his generation who were obliged to take the boat to the UK in search of work. ”I’m an Ordinary Man” gives a picture of their experiences.

Folk songs and stories gave rise to the haunting lyrics of his love songs. Take for example “Where is the Ring I Gave to Nancy Spain.” And “Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair.” An anger at injustice inspired him to write “Living in a Time of Inconvenience” on the album Traveller. Many of his lyrics are rooted in political events and their effects on the lives of ordinary people. ”Viva La Quinta Brigada” tells the story of fighters in the Spanish Civil War. ”I Wish I was Back Home in Derry” recounts the horrors of war for soldiers in the trenches.

Not all of his songs are sad though. Listen to his song about Joxer going to the Euros in Stuttgart, or his take on the famous matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna. And of course there are the drinking songs “Delirium Tremens” where nobody of any importance escapes his wit.

Typical of musicians in his ilk, Christy’s search for new material is ongoing. A chance meeting with some little known musician may provide him with the lyrics and notes for a new song. An event taking place may feature in his music.

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