Concert & Interview: King Woman


King Woman is coming to Berlin on April 11, do not miss out! The band recently released their LP Created in the Image of Suffering on metal star label Relapse (also home of SURVIVE). It is hypnotic, dark and beautiful, somewhere between slow doom metal and shoegaze; I saw them live in Los Angeles and cannot wait to see them live again here.
In the meantime, win a pair of tickets by telling us what is your favorite track from the new album, and read what Kristina Esfandiari and I talked about in the back stage before the L.A. show.

LSD: So this new album. Are you excited, are you happy that it’s out, where do you want it to go?
KE: It’s weird, I don’t know. It’s like you have a baby and you’re like, “What do you do with this?” It’s been weird because the response has been very intense. I almost have this disconnect where I’m like, “I didn’t make that?” That’s how it feels. “Did I make that? Did we make that?” We’re all kind of experiencing that. I feel kind of disassociated from it. I start writing something and I really like it and by the time it’s done I’m like, “I fucking hate it, get it out of here.” I struggle with that.

LSD: And so you’re on Relapse now, really amazing label – how did that happen?
KE: So our manager Aaron linked us up and Remmy from Relapse, and he was like, “I love this fucking record. We’re signing them.” It happened really fast. Meant to be.

LSD: Indeed! And regarding touring, do you like touring?
KE: It’s a little lonely sometimes, but I like it a lot. My family moved me around a lot growing up, so I’m used to just never having stability. I’m good for it.

LSD: What kind of traveler are you? Do you pack light?
KE: I pack really light. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll go a month on tour and wear the same of jeans and a dirty white shirt. I’m just not materialistic. As long as I can stay centered internally and not lose my voice, I like to explore new cities I like to go to thrift stores…

LSD: In a more metaphorical way, where do you say you come from and where do you think you’re going?
I wanna be an inspiration for all the losers, and rejects, and outcasts, and all the women who were bullied and treated like shit. I don’t care if they’re trans or female or non binary, just anybody who was treated lesser than, to find their place of power and their place of, “Hey, fuck you, I can be whoever I wanna be.” And empower them to really be comfortable to be their own unique self, and having this kind of, “What I am is good enough, and what I have is bad enough.” Growing up, I always felt like a fucking loser and a reject. Even being in a band with a bunch of sexist people, it’s always feeling this certain vibe of “You can’t sit with us, you’re not a boy,” just like this boy’s club I was never welcome. I always felt like I had to be a certain way to fit in. And now I’m like, “Oh, fuck your boys club,” there is no boys club. I like our shows because you’ll see a an old dude who’s like 70 at the show, and then the door guy who listens to rap will be like, “Yo, I just bought your record. I’ve never listened to anything like this.” And then you have the metal heads who are like, “Rock the fuck on!” And then the women that are in the front who are like, “I needed to hear that.” And that’s what I wanna do. I want it to be a feeling and a universal thing of the heart where people can come to the show and feel welcome.

Berlin show at Musik & Frieden info here.


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