Concert: Safi Live in Berlin


I discovered Safi thanks to a Vice House Party in Berlin, their live energy blew me away, some kind of powerful and tasteful dark post-punk rock music. Was also happy to discover a heavy a new female-fronted band obviously… They’re playing Berlin again on Friday, and you should really check it out!
In the meantime, I asked Safi a few questions about touring and their last show at a boxing game.

LSD: What’s the appeal about touring and being on stage?
S: I love being a traveling person – to be a person in motion. I like being on the road. There I can work on new things. There is much to watch, unforeseen – the entire perception machinery is stirred up.  If I want to sort and formulate, I retreat under the headphones. As a band, we do not like unhealthy food and the lack of opportunities for retreat, as these two things give us bad energy – and you have to rely on your energy level to give the public the right performance. But most venues try to make it all better… On the road, we like taking photos and making videos, each of us documents for themselves, and then for us together, their own version of the touring experience.

LSD: You just had a show in Berlin, how was it?
S: Yes, we had a very different show than usual – we were allowed to open the evening of the Kreuzberger Kiezboxgala (local box game) in Berlin and played in the boxing ring, in the middle of the hall  in front of the PA, at the sold out Lido. I had a few ambitions to box a while ago, and I wanted to see fights anyway. So we hit two birds with one stone. It was an excellent evening with excellent fighters!

LSD: Are you excited for Friday?
S: I’m really looking forward to this show at the Privatclub together with the band Disillusion from Leipzig. Andy Schmidt, the head of the band and music producer, has produced our first album together with Moses Schneider in Berlin and Leipzig. Matthias accompanied a time section of the band on the bass. I also made the artwork for the new single “Alea” from Disillusion that came out just now. We are colleagues and friends and I am very excited about our first evening together!

LSD: Do you have other plans with the band, such as extensive touring, or other, or for yourself with the band or a different project?
S: The most important thing at the moment is to work out the new tracks, make them playable, and redefine the sound body. For this reason, at the moment, we’re only playing selective concerts with the current set. I imagine that next year we will play a few new songs live before we finalise them.
So stay tuned to discover more Safi tracks in 2017!

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