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You’re in London but have no clue where to take your date ?  You’re broke and you’re looking for a museum to take grandma next saturday? As always, LSD is here to help you!

Take the tube. Once you’ve reached Holborn, walk to the Lincoln Inn Field’s and enter the marvellous – but rather unappetizing – world of the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology located in the Royal College of Surgeons. Go through the main door, ask for a visitor’s badge and head upstairs. As you pass the threshold, let yourself get carried away by the amazing collection of cancerous bones, amputated limbs, impressive surgical instruments, and more dissected animals you could ever have imagined. From floor to ceiling, two floors are packed with thousands of items from John and William Hunter‘s assortment. Not a single spot is left empty so be ready to spend your afternoon walking around the formaldehyde bottles.
Brain surgery, knee spring-cleaning, prostate operation, you’ll see it all and in colors… So don’t be a chicken and stop by the video stage too!
Too much for your sensitive heart ? Then make sure you don’t miss the excellent free guided tours on Wednesday at 1pm.
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Field
WC2A 3PE London
Tues – Sat / 10:00-17:00
Free entrance
More info and a full programm of workshops and events on the website

The A To Z Of Golf Swing Training

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