Discover France #4: encore!

Some people say Baudouin, Charles and Guillaume are Phoenix‘ and Daft Punk‘s little brothers, as they also send us cool and fresh sound from Versailles. But the comparison stops here. Actually, if we had to find them a family, we could say encore! are LCD Soundsystem‘s sons and The Teenagers‘ cousins in some ways. But these guys succeed in mixing with skill nu-disco, electronic and punk sounds, making them quite unique in the current musical landscape.

I find it difficult to tell you which of their tracks sound the best, as they’re juggling with styles like music masters. But if I had to choose: listen to Rythm when waking up in Paris, to ClaytonBailey when visiting NYC and to You should before going to a party in Berlin (great programme, indeed).

And if we had to make no choice: listen to their whole first EP…

…and also to their second one:

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