Name: Ease – Local Suicide
Date: March 23, 2013
Venue: Rosis (Revaler Strasse 29 near Ostkreuz)
Time: 10:30 PM
Featuring: 4 Floors / 500 Balloons / Photobooth / Specials


Line Up:

D E N A (Kitsuné / Melting Pot Music) *dj-set*
Local Suicide feat. Miss Saxo Vaya (Your Mom’s) *live*
Wasted Ruffians (Ex!t / Dangereux)
Nordic By Nature (Scandinavian Disco)
Jorge Takei (Nurvous / Suruba)
Galactic Hippodroids (Headvsheart)




INFO (german version):

Ich hab‘ beim ersten Mal gesagt „Mach die vernünftig fest!“ – aber wie das so ist, auch der letzte unserer 500 Luftballons ist gestern aus dem Rosis geflogen. Sieht natürlich kahl aus jetzt. Muss ja nicht sein. Ease geht in die zweite Runde!
Mit unseren Freunden vom Szenemultiplikator -Blog-DJ-Radio-Podcast -EarlyAdopter-Kollektiv Local Suicide feiern wir die nächste Ease-Party im Rosis am Ostkreuz.

Zu Gast ist Dena, kürzlich beim französischen Label Kitsuné gesigned, steht sie hoch oben in den Pop-Prognosen für 2013. Die junge Berliner Rapperin mit bulgarischen Wurzeln hat ihr DJ-Set und allerhand Blingbling im Gepäck. Local Suicide, in Form von Brax Moody und Vamparela, haben außerdem ihre Griechische Freundin Miss Saxo Vaya eingeladen, die das Duo bei seinem eigenen Set live mit dem Saxophon unterstützen wird. Geballte Frauenpower und skandinavische Elektrodisko gibt’s von und mit den Nordic by Nature-Mädels. Weiter geht’s mit dem Kölner Jorge Takei. Er debutierte mit seinen House/Electronica-Tracks letztes Jahr auf Kolorit und wurde nicht nur von allerhand Szeneschwergewichten unterstützt, sondern wird auch bei Ease auflegen. Die Party rund machen dann die Elektro-Konfetti-Lokalmatadore Wasted Ruffians sowie die Newcomer aus dem Hause Head vs Heart, Galactic Hippodroids.
Es wird bunt, es wird wild, es wird international, es wird sexy, es wird abwechslungsreich, es wird ziemlich lässig – und genau das alles ist die Idee dahinter. Ease.

PS: Wenn der Frühling sich beeilt, wird es vielleicht auch „draußen“ einen Floor geben…


INFO (english version):

Last time we were actually planning to take it easy, but it didn’t really work out. Loads of balloons and confetti flying around, music that makes you go lulu and a crazy crowd were some of the reasons why. We had a great time too, so we thought that there should be a second round for “Ease”.

This time we decided to do it with our multi-talented friends from the collective Local Suicide, who run one of the most influential and tastemaker Berlin blogs that goes by the same name and will make sure you will feel reborn, after partying with them. The party will take place at one of Berlin’s most interesting locations, Rosis in Friedrichshain.

For this occasion, we invited fresh Kitsuné-signed D E N A, who is responsible for one of 2013’s anthems: the youtube hit “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”. The Berlin-based Bulgarian rapper will pack in her dj bag her favorite cross-genre records from rap to trash and from pop to electro.

Brax Moody and Vamparela from Local Suicide are joining the ball with their deep house and disco sounds and this time they have a surprise for you. Miss Saxo Vaya, a sexy Greek saxophone player, dancer and vocalist, will join them for a live set.

And we have even more girl power for you, this time from the other end of Europe: Scandinavia! Nordic by Nature and their electro disco beats will make you sweat on the dancefloor.
Gifted producer Jorge Takei is coming from Cologne to inspire us with his Southern house/Electronica tracks and will show us why he’s already got so much love from labels such as Kolorit, Nurvous, Klasse, Underground Audio and A-listed DJ’s like Soul Clap, Maceo Plex, Brodinski & Larse.

Last but not least, local heros Wasted Ruffians, who are famous for their powerful konfetti-electro sets and Head vs Heart upcoming newcomers Galactic Hippodroids.

There is gonna be a lot going on at the party, since Rosis has loads of space. And space is the place! Different floors to make sure you will not get bored, a photo booth, where a team of hype Australian photographers will be taking your pictures and giving them to you in the form of a sticker, free shots, gogo dancers and strippers.. Oh no wait! That’s a different party. We got a bit carried away…

What is certain is that it’s gonna be colorful, wild, international, sexy, diverse, mixed up and easy going – and that’s exactly the idea behind. EASE

P.S. If spring decides to be gracious with us, there’s gonna be an out-door floor as well!


Supported by

Don’t Panic
Mit Vergnügen
Tip Berlin



D E N A – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

Local Suicide – Good Times At Michatronix, Tel Aviv

Jorge Takei – Something Essential

Wasted Ruffians – Ease

Nordic By Nature – Cream

Galactic Hippodroids – Ease Preview


High Res Flyer Download:

Flyer_Ease02_Struktur_back  Plakat_Ease02_struktur  Flyer_Ease02_Struktur_front


Artist Infos:

D E N A (Kitsuné / Melting Pot Music) *dj-set*

D E N A is Denitza Todorova, a Berlin-based songwriter and vocalist hailing from Bulgaria – the southeastern corner of the Balkans. Since moving to Berlin in 2005, sheʼs been seriously honing her self-composed beats and observant-yet-positive lyrical style. D E N Aʼ s been praised internationally for her unique and fresh flavor, making her an up-and-comer worthy of her recent attention.

D E N Aʼ style is influenced by 90ʼs pop/hip-hop and RnB via the tunes of Destinyʼs Child, Salt N Pepa, J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest mixed with an appreciation for electronic/dance/house such as Moody Man, Crystal Waters and Theo Parish.

The phenomenon of Bulgarian Chalga music also plays a role in D E N A‘ s experimentation. Rooted in folklore, but remaining a large part of modern Balkan pop, Chalga has been a ubiquitous and controversial presence in Bulgaria for decades. D E N A turns the genre on its head by creating contemporary remixes with age-old Balkan beats and melodies.

By combining her own-world investigations with her firm stance on the importance of keeping it real, sheʼs asserted herself as a unique member of Berlin’s creative scene. D E N A continues to be inspired by and connect to the creative vibes of the city without forgetting where sheʼs come from and who she is.

Local Suicide feat. Miss Saxo Vaya (Your Mom’s) *live*

Berlin-based dj duo and couple Brax Moody (DE-Munich) and Vamparela (GR-Thessaloniki) have been playing music together since 2007, either as a DJ duo, in bands, or as remixers and producers. Merge the rhythm and vibrance of Munich’s hip hop clubs with the grime and attitude of Thessaloniki’s back-alley indie bars to get an idea on how to categorize Local Suicide: unique soulful fusion of house, deep-house, disco-house and techno

As DJs they’ve played all over the EU and USA whilst holding down day jobs in the music industry (Vamparela is  a promoter for techno/house promo agency Pullproxy / Brax Moody is the German label manager at UK labels Mute & Domino) and running one of the top 10 independent music & lifestyle blogs in germany with 25+ international editors. Rest assured that these two have honed their musical tastes and chops.

Having organized parties, festivals, and moderating radio shows for years, Local Suicide is as adept outside the booth as they are in it.

Wasted Ruffians (Ex!t / Dangereux)

The 2 guys Robert and Sven love music and especially they enjoy partying to it. In order to stand behind the DJ booth it was this shared affection that caused the formation of the Wasted Ruffians in November 2009. They gained their first experiences in small clubs and bars in Berlin. After further booking requests and gigs they became known in the Berlin scene, particularly as Resident-DJs at the party series Ex!t.

The sets of the Wasted Ruffians are influenced by many different kinds of music, but overall the can by classified as Indietronic and Electro. However that does not exclude a collision of Digitalism, Two Door Cinema Club and Parov Stelar at the same night. The aim of the Guys is to display a divers, appealing and danceable mix of music with much passion.

By Now the Wasted Ruffians played themselves into many hearts and feet. They regularly have gigs at Rosis, Magnet Club, Ritter Butzke or Brunnen 70.

Moreover the year 2012 was very memorable; they two guys were able to expand their DJ horizon to Festivals like Melt, Greenville and the Berlin Festival.

Nordic By Nature (Scandinavian Disco)

Nordic by Nature are Nina and Steffi from Berlin. They bring Scandinavian music to Germany through Artist Promotion, Events, Blogging and Management. After 3 years of making a buzz in the biz, they achieved to be the main tastemaker for new Scandinavian music in Germany. You can call them nerds or the wisdom of the north.

Jorge Takei (Nurvous / Suruba)

Dark funk, black music & handmade mistakes build the sound of Jorge Takei. A nice guy, who has found a medium to open his emotional soundscapes that flow between Jazz, House and Hip-Hop. Sometimes crosswise, but ever fresh and hungry, he’s already gained support by major names in the business with only a handful of releases out. DJ’ed clubs like Social Club (Paris), Odonien (Cologne), Magnet (Berlin) and Pudel Club (Hamburg), his sets discover the range between Slowend-sexyness and Deepness. (2013)

Galactic Hippodroids (Headvsheart)