Exclusive Premiere: The Fugitives – Wilderness Years

the fugitives

After releasing their first album in three years in October 2013, Vancouver-based indie folk collective The Fugitives follow up with their new video for “Wilderness Years“. And we’re more than happy to present the exclusive premiere of the wonderful video, which is all about a time machine, that a young lady is using to change everyday fuck-ups, before her date and makes us all wish we also had such a machine!

The Fugitives were about to record their first release in three years and the plan was to do it at home. After eight years of touring Canada and Europe, they had drained most of the romance out of cramped cars, long roads, and eating sandwiches out of gas station refrigerators. So they surprised themselves by trucking three thousand kilometres to record “Everything Will Happen“, their new full-length album from Light Organ Records, in Toronto. A big reason was the chance to work with producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD, Amelia Curran). The other might be that they feel most at home in new territory.

Everything Will Happen” is the follow-up to last summer’s four track EP, “Bigger than Luck“, which charted internationally on CMJ and rode the earshot national folk charts for eight straight weeks. It finds The Fugitives maintaining their expansive folk instrumentation while narrowing the songwriting focus. McLeod and Glynn co-wrote the songs, halving their usual number of writers, and brought long-term members in afterwards to flesh out the tunes musically. The result is their fullest sound to date, an effort that combines the lyrical intimacy of singer-songwriters with the festive atmosphere of old collaborators reuniting. “While it’s fun sitting around our living rooms writing horn lines with our mouths, it wouldn’t sound too great on a recording,” shrugs Glynn. “Thank God for talented friends.”

And now, on to more gas station sandwiches.

The Fugitives are on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Catch them:
21.05.14 Volkbad, Flensburg (DE)
22.05.14 Music Star, Norderstedt (DE)
23.05.14 Cosmic Kaspar, Berlin (DE)
24.05.14 Kneipe Pur, Plaue (DE)
25.05.14 The Fahrradkeller (House Concert), Berlin (DE)
27.05.14 Kulturhaus Arthur, Chemnitz (DE)
28.05.14 Kulturhof Schloss, Kniz (CH)
29.05.14 Zum fröhlichen Nix, Blaubeuren (DE)
30.05.14 Parterre, Basel (CH)
31.05.14 Langstars Backpacker Hostel, Zürich (CH)
01.06.14 Atelier Hinterrüti, Horgen (CH)
02.06.14 Die Bäckerei, Innsbruck (A)
04.06.14 APEX, Göttingen (DE)
05.06.14 BeLaMi, Hamburg (DE)
07.06.14 Villa Sponte, Bremen (DE)
08.06.14 Lichtung, Köln (DE)
09.06.14 Römerbrunnenfest, Bad Vilbel (DE)

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