Fashion: Photographer Oggy Yordanov

Oggy Yordanov is a London based photographer exhibiting London, California and Italy; his first photo-documentary book “New Club Kids: London Party Fashion of the Noughties” was published in 2011 by Prestel worldwide. Oggy has just started a Youtube channel featuring his fashion and art films, one was screened at London Fashion Week 2012 and the latest one is showcased by What!? magazine.
His films often feature mirroring, patterns and kaleidoscopic forms and graphics and here are some thoughts on the subject of patterns by the artist himself: “As a visual artist I’ve always been fascinated with colours, shadows, life-forms, lines and textures and patterns. With their complexity and repetitive motifs, patterns can be intricate and often compound with elaborate details, which must be examined to be fully understood. This is why I love working with patterns and adding dimensions in my works. My portraits are often dark and I like working with shadows more than with bright lights, there is something much alluring to me in the way shadows fall on skin and the subtle mystery they add to a portrait.”

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