Fashion: The Fairy Emporium

Buttercup PsychePhotographer Alessia Chinazzo and artist Holly Jade O’Leary collaborate to capture her ethereal debut collection.

‘Corseting, reworked textiles, an abundance of crystals, gemstones layered like stardust, distressed velvet, antique lace, hand bead work, textile art, and dying techniques combine with contemporary appeal. Holly Jade O’Leary’s vivid imagination has gone to town in producing a luxury art collection which is equally at home on stage, as evening wear, as vivacious streetwear, on display or metamorphosing into the natural landscape.’

Photographer: Alessia Chinazzo

Designer and Art Director: Holly Jade O’Leary

Make Up Artist: Vincent Ford

Models: Alise Rozkalne, Jade Igilima, Bernardette Lemon

Jewelled Damask 2 Piece Suit Indian Summer -Coral & Mulberry Sophia  - Damask and Silk 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot236 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot393 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot337_high 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot664   28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot754 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot521 28092016-28.09.2016_FairyPhotoshoot425

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