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Please meet Gelivan, a dj and first and foremost a real music-enthusiastic, who is willing to give a new shape to the Genevan night-scene. Along with a bunch of friends he decided it was time to breath new life into musical scene and created the collective Feed Your Soul. And of course, LSD wanted to know more about this project!

Local Suicide: How did you come to the idea of founding this collective ? 

Feed Your Soul: It all started at the Sun&Bass festival last september. The vibe was incredible, there were people coming from everywhere just for the music and the setting. The atmosphere was so different from the one in clubs – especially here back in Switzerland – or the one you experience in mainstream festivals. I wanted to find something similar once I’d come back to Geneva : going out for the music and share it with people who appreciate it as much as I do.

The electronic scene in Geneva is far from groundbreaking. I had to try something new… So I told my friend Kevin about this idea I had. We spread the word around in Geneva, via Facebook, and we got in touch with people and venues to organise events… Feed your Soul was born.

LSD: Where did you get the name from ?

FYS: There is that track This Groove by Incisive feat. Shakka, saying « that bass is feedin’ my soul ». It sounded pretty obvious to me. And the word soul had to be used in order to make our point on the kind of music we spread.

LSD: Who is part of FYS ? 

FYS: There’s Kevin, Thiago, Audrey, Boris and I. Kevin is an old friend of mine, few days when I got back from Sun&Bass, we travelled to Brussels together; that’s where and when it all took shape. Thiago is, according to me, one of the best dj in town ; we met in a bar where we both play. Then Audrey, I added her on Facebook a couple of years back thinking she was someone else and we discovered we like the same music. Whe I told her about it, she was really enthusiastic about the project. And Boris is a friend of mine, who offered his help as soon as he heard about Feed Your Soul.

So basically, all these people had never met before and didn’t know each other. Looking at it, I think it is pretty cool that it is the music that got us together.

LSD: How is it looking sofar ? How did it come out ? what are your next plans ?

Our first party, on december the 6th in La Gravière (Geneva) was a blast. Great vibe, great music, great feedback, All what we aimed for ! It is only the beginning but we are all really involved and looking forward to upcoming events.

We want to come up with line-ups you cannot find anywhere else in French-speaking Switzerland. The next event is planned for the beginning of 2013, we are trying to get international artists down to play.

LSD: How is the scene in Geneva ?

FYS: It’s not so bad. There are a couple of good and eclectic festivals, for exemple « écoutes au vert » with gigs in random places all around Geneva.

Now talking about the clubs… it’s a different matter. The very same DJs are playing everywhere, all the time, and there is not so much musical variety.  Electronic music really has a lot to offer and it’s a shame only certain kinds get to be broadcasted. The clubs’ line-ups are pretty much always the same. In bass music and Drum&Bass gigs for example, all we hear is agressive and soulless.

But on the other hand, bookers aren’t really playing their part either, in trying to discover local artists. For the record, we booked Herr Johann for our first event, who is from a neighbouring city, but we actually digged him out online. And let me tell you that the last time I appreciated a set by a Swiss artist that much, was a long time back!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Feed Your Soul night!

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