Festival: AUM Ritual 2×2 Ticket Giveaway

From the 3rd to the 8th August, AUM Ritual will be animating the Swiss Alps with a lineup fit for dynamic insomniacs and the electronically curious. If you dig techno and psytrance, and fancy spending a few feral nights somewhere mountainous and discreet, then lucky you because we’re giving you the opportunity to win 2 tickets to AUM.


Russian born Dasha Rush’s has a tonic of minimal/ experimental techno lined up for AUM. If you’re unfamiliar, she covers a hefty spectrum of experimental sound, although each set has its own unique audio iconography that trigger optics of a cursed twilight landscape. 

When it comes to Blush Response, his sets are often saturated with dirty mechanical sampling – highly illustrative sound that’s ignition lies at the core of industrial/ techno.  Fenix runs with his signature theme of dissonant, inner city euphoria. 

aum_loc_full_018_34946686230_oI Hate Models is also set to make a knock-out appearance at AUM. Having gained hype with his 2016 release on ARTS, he dapples with the likes of post-punk, electro infused EBM, although his sets weave fluidly throughout these genres – highlighting the earthiest artefacts of each genre.  

The psytrance game is on point for AUM.

KinDzaDza is pretty influential on the >160bpm scene, although his music is a definite hybrid of psytrance and hi-tech. Thick stacks of technological drills, sci-fi interludes and GameBoy sampling characterise the majority of his sets and productions. He’ll carry you through an existential transit at AUM, with his vast index of psychedelia-inducing music, alongside other psy-talents including AtriohmOxidaksi and Purist.

There’s not long to go before the festival starts, so if you’re interested in winning tickets, email us at win@localsuicide.com with a link to your favourite track and the subject “AUM Ritual”. Good Luck!

Full Lineup:

Atriohm, Blind Prophets, Blush Response, Boston 168, My_Initials, BºTONG, Dasha Rush, Gaudi, DJ Hemi-Sync, DJ Hidden, DJ Imox, DJ Milosz, Full Moon Mondo, KinDzaDza, Hang Brothers, I Hate Models, Le Chat-Man, Kasatka, Marama Tribe, Mongust, Murcof, Noise Gust, Ocelot, Oresund Space Collective, Oxidaksi, Pastor John, Pikacyu / Kawabata Makoto, Perc, Purist, Robert Rich, SAF SAP New Generation, Semiomime, Takaaki Itoh and Whrikk.