Festivals: 29th Interfilm – Green Screen – Confrontations Competition – Focus

The world is on the verge of collapse and it’s high time to wake up and get active! In its second edition as an international competition, the two GREEN SCREEN programmes highlight the global dilemma between humankind and nature. Powerful films that aim to inspire us to take political and personal responsibility before it’s too late.

The question “Why?” doesn’t just arise when opening the morning newspaper, but also increasingly on a simple stroll through the city. Why do bored teenagers channel their energy in violence? Why should African refugees count themselves lucky for not having drowned, only to live in shabby tents on a Kreuzberg square? And why are there some people willing to sacrifice their time to help the needy, without any promise of personal gain?

This year, six programmes will present Australia and New Zealand in all of their facets: From short fiction to animation through to documentary. Tightly woven atmospheric stories are told with persistently new cinematic ideas and provide insights into life “Down Under”.

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