Festivals: 55th BFI London Film Festival

If you are in London between the 12th and the 27th October, don't miss the BFI London Film Festival! With a programme that includes over 300 shorts and features, as well as discussions, animations, masterclasses and career interviews, you'll find the right thing for you…

Here is a selection of screenings you might want to check out :

Carnage, Polansky's new movie, is a satire of the hypocrisies of New-York middle class couples. With Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz

Chicken with Plums. Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) is back with a new movie, adapted of another of her award-winning graphic book. It tells us the story of Ali a talented violonist, who decided to retreats in bed and await death, after his wife has damaged the violon. With Mathieu Almaric

Crazy Horse. Documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman has spent 10 weeks filming in Paris' mythical cabaret. He thus captures the gruelly work schedule and the exacting standards required of the team to shape that incredible show.

Michael, 35, has a unremarkable lifestyle. But behind this boring suburban life, he hides something. A small boy, that he keeps captive in his cellar. Director Markus Scheinzer, With Michael Fuith, David Rauchenberger

Sarah Palin – You Betcha ! Nick Broomfiel and Joan Churchill went to Alaska, where the the intriguing and divising figure grew up, to talk to her family and to her supporters. The portrait depicted in that movie will most likely influence the support Palin would get on her -still to be announced- 2012 Candidacy.

This must be the place Sean Penn plays here a retired rockstar who is forced to go back to the US, as his father is sick. An unusual and offbeats road-trip, seeking for something new in his lazed life. Director Paole Sorrentino, With Sean Penn and Judd Hirsch

Weekend is the story of two men who, after a one-night-stand, get to know each other over the course of a week end and start falling for each other. A poetic and depiction of the doubts we all experience with the hope of a new relationship.

Guilty is a movie recounting the scandal that took place in France in 2001, when husband and wife Marécaux got arrested and sent to jail on suspicion of paedophilie – and such, despite their claim of innocence. Director Vincent Garenq With Philippe Torreton and Raphaël Ferret

Rebellion Actor/Director Mathieu Kassovitz (La haine)'s latest movie, based on an incident that occured in New Caledonia in 1998, is a complex mix of action-thriller and political drama. An experienced negociator is sent to the island where locals separatist have taken hostages. Director Mathieu Kassovitz With Mathieu Kassovitz and Sylvie Testud

Bernadette : Notes on a political journey is a tribute to Bernadette Devlin McAliskey and to her unusual political parcours. Director Leila Doolan

Curling King's characters will make you laugh. Truls Paulsen – a former curling champion now in his fifties – decides to reform his team and compete again despite his vital need of an operation to cure his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Director Ole Endressen With Ole Endressen and Atle Antonsen

The natural phenomenon of Madness could be summed up by this simple exctract of dialogue : “tell your new girlfriend to clal me when you are dying.” Director Charliebebs Gohetia With Jess MEndoza and Opaline Santos

The BFI London Film Festival @ Southbank – Waterloo

12 – 27 October

The full programme

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