Festivals: Berlin Festival day

Photo by Julien Barrat 

Amanda Gray, Julien Barrat and I were enjoying the Berlin Festival over two days and nights, and also took up the opportunity to get feedback from the industry “pros”: DJs who were playing or not at the festival, journalists and socialites – in between two shows or two drinks.
Check out the Berlin Festival night feedback HERE!

Mama by Julien Barrat in the VIP area, producer & vocalist

LSD: How did you find the Berlin festival this year?
I think it was fantastic. It’s perfect to pop in, check out some really great bands.
Who were you most excited to see?
Would you ever want to play at the festival yourself?
Yes, I would love to; I am waiting for my invitation.
Anyone you would like to join on stage or you have been proud to collaborate with?
Yeah, Tiefschwarz. We did an almost kind of political collaboration, which was really well received and touched those in regards to the state of the economy and the world right now. And working with them really got me into Electronic music in 2004.
What were you working with before?
Well, I grew up in south London, garage, hip-hop, jungle, but the marriage between the two styles has been really inspirational.

iPhone picture of: Amanda Gray, Robert Zimmermann, Lulu, Clea & friend.

LSD: How is the festival this year?
Bonaparte‘s dancers Lulu & Clea Cutthroat
It’s been okay, a bit more lively than yesterday (Friday), but there were big acts like Pet Shop Boys and Blur…
How did you like Blur?
Blur was amazing!
Was there someone you were looking forward to seeing in particular?
Definitely Pet Shop Boys, and it was ok. We come almost every year.
How was the experience for you playing at the festival in previous years?
It was good. It’s our hometown and we like the venue a lot. We came to see Björk and she was absolutely amazing.

Arno Raffeiner, journalist at Spex & DJ
LSD: Who did you come to see?
I came to see Pet Shop Boys and Blur, and My Bloody Valentine.
Who did you love?
I loved the Pet Shop Boys, and Björk was amazing!
Who let you down?
Blur was a little bit of a downer for me and also My Bloody Valentine could have been amazing, but the sound wasn’t so good. I don’t want to care about the sound, but I had to in that way.

Nina AC Casey, café owner, producer & DJ
LSD: Who did you come to see?
Today I came to see My Bloody Valentine and Björk, and one of my main problems is that I have no relation to time, so I came to the festival to see Bjork, which was really amazing, but then I realized that I missed MBV, so I really sad that I missed them. So that really let me down.
Who did you love?
Björk was great. Pet Shop Boys were awesome, because of their dancers. But I was disappointed in the fact that they had problems with their play back tracks. But Blur was great.

Muschi Xberg crew, urban wear & event promoters
LSD: Who did you come to see?
Casper. We came to se him, the show was not perfect, but we loved it. Although personally, I guess I didn’t like the outfit and the hair.
Who did you love?
Who let you down?

Marc-Alan Gray, DJ & producer
LSD: Who did you come to see?
I wanted to see the Klaxons, but the volume was so low, even they were making jokes about their own set. So, that was interesting.
Who did you love?
Björk, who sounds like Björk every time you see Björk: there is a fine line between fingernails scratching on a blackboard, punched through a volcano – all artistically delivered through headgear.
Who let you down?
I don’t know if anyone let me down, or sucked…. um, I guess everybody I missed sucked, how about that?

Oliver Tabillion, DJ
LSD: Who did you come to see?
I came to see Björk and Blur.
Who did you love?
Björk was very cool. And Dillon was also very good. She was beautiful, the set was great, and it was an inspiration.
Who let you down?
I also came to see Pet Shop Boys, but this performance was totally shit for me. It was…I don’t know, but it was totally plastic with horrible PA.

Friedrich Reip, journalist at The Greatest, Berlin 030, etc.
LSD: Who did you want to see?
I managed to see all the bands I wanted to: My Bloody Valentine, Savages, Blur and Bastille.
Who did you love?
All gigs were fantastic, but Savages totally killed it. Their drummer has to be the hottest musician in the world!
And who did you hate?
I didnt hate any act, but I thought Fritz Kalkbrenner was somewhat of a letdown as the final performer.

David Strauss, journalist at Exberliner & more.
DS: First off, you’re going to ask a question aren’t you…because that’s your nature?
LSD: No. I am going to ask three. Well, let me use my handsome voice… Ok, so who did you come to see, who did you love, and who let you down?
In terms of the bands or in general?
Well, you know, I am always trying to fall in love and I am sure there is somebody out there for me. Tolerant, attractive and a little cockeyed. So, I was looking forward to My Bloody Valentine. I haven’t seen them in 20 years. Last time I saw them many of my friends weren’t eve born and they were actually in their mother’s wombs. If MBV had been playing sonically those friends of mine probably would have evaporated and then I would have had better friends. So, I blame MBV for a lot of my social incompetence.
Ok, so love, let down?
Well, the sound was a hug let down. I decided to concentrate on the shapes of the song structures while listening to them this time around, which is something you don’t normally do when you listen to MBV, so I gained an experience that I wouldn’t have if the Pitchfork stage had in anyway been competently mixed.
How about Björk?
I was working during Björk, so I got the sense that there were a bunch of ducklings behind her and she was tossing bread out to them… is that what was happening?
I think I am the perfect audience for a music festival because I am pretty deaf and I am pretty blind, so I am entirely in my imagination. In fact, I should probably just stay home and stop spending my money. Except on sandwiches, sandwiches are delicious.

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