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Berlin Festival FreitagAfter two full days at Berlin Festival with Nadia Says and photographer Julien Barrat, we headed over to Club Xberg for the after party on Saturday night, lit up by sets from Justice and Claptone. There we caught up with a slew of DJs and producers, who were getting ready to play or just simply enjoying the after party until the sun came up on Sunday morning.
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Transformer di Roboter, producer & performer
LSD: Who did you come to see?
So, I wanted to see Delphic, but it was cancelled. And this is the story of my life. But, I got to see Felix Solar and I was impressed. I really liked the singer, and I think I am going to listen back on that and get deeper into it.
Who did you love?
Normally I am not one of Björk’s biggest fans, so I wasn’t expecting a lot, but I really liked the performance. I think the choir was very strong and the set was visually powerful as well. I also liked My Bloody Valentine a lot and Serious Low at Club Xberg was also super.
Who let you down?
Tomahawk was a bummer because the sound wasn’t good. I was looking forward to seeing Pool, and was excited about it, but I am sorry Pool… work on it.

Electrosexual, producer & DJ
LSD: Who did you come to see?
I came to see Pet Shop Boys and it was amazing.
Who did you love?
I would like to say that I love a lot. I am having a really good time!
Who let you down?
I saw Miss Kittin at Arena and was a little disappointed. But she does what she does and I think as a statement that’s great. Nevertheless, I was excited to see her. It wasn’t as perfect as I wanted her to be, but I still love her.

Wasted Ruffians, DJs & party promoters
LSD: Who did you come to see?
We were excited to see Dillon and we really liked the show a lot. And White Lies, it was nice to see them in such a great location. We knew them from when they were formally called Fear of Flying, so it was really nice to see them again.
What did you love?
I really liked the Disko Chinesisch, because it brought so many people together and that was just great.
Who let you down?
Hum, I was disappointed by Pet Shop Boys, mostly because of all the technical problems.

Busy P, DJ & label owner
LSD: Who have you seen today?
I just arrived in Berlin! So, I haven’t had the chance to see anyone yet.
What do you think so far?
I think the festival is really great. I booked half of the line-up for tonight, including Justice for 10 years of Ed Banger. I am also happy to to see that the venue is so excellent.
Are you proud?
No, I am not proud, that’s not the way to go, I am just happy. I am very happy to be in Berlin. And also very excited about Justice playing, because I think it is going to be huge!

Florian Kolmer, DJ & photographer
LSD: Who did you come to see?
Well, I basically come so I can get the all access wristband, free booze and I can also perform and be cool.
Ah OK, and which act did you love?
My favorite act of this year was the same as last year, and that would be Dillon. She is f*cking beautiful and I am totally in love with her and she puts on a f*cking great show.
And who let you down?
I was really disappointed about…. let’s just say it: Pet Shop Boys. But I also have a very important thing to say: Clara, I love you.

Laura Cherrygrove, The Shit Shop
LSD: Who did you come to see?
I really was looking forwards to Björk and she blew me away!
Any downside?
I loved everything, but I hosted the after-party on Friday, so I missed out on Blur and a lot of those other acts, which was unfortunate. Apart from that, it was very nice.  I wish the festival were three days.

Conny Opper, Berlin Festival founder & multitasking host.
LSD: What was the biggest highlight of the festival for you this year?
I would have to say Björk; she was the most impressive show. Her set really gave me goosebumps. Justice, Ed Banger‘s and those acts have really gotten me looking back over the past decade.
This is your 8th Berlin Festival, how do you feel the event has progressed or digressed for that matter?
I think it has grown substantially every year. You know, it all started with this crazy idea and this thought, “what is missing about Berlin”. We came to the realization that everything was there, but that there was no festival! At the beginning it was outside of Berlin, so after a couple of years we wanted the festival to be true to its name and took it to the center of the city in 2007. In 2009, we chose Tempelhof. It is a unique location that is just a huge beautiful space open for ideas and creativity. Anything that you can image.
For the next years, do you have special plans?
Yeah absolutely, the highlight is the art village and representing the creative scene. We want to push this and have the Berlin Festival be more than just a music festival and to also include all kinds of art. This is how I want to keep imagining the festival, and opening up space for the exchange of creative ideas.  We want to keep taking it this direction and make sure that we add more and more artists each year.

iPhone picture of Conny Opper & Nadia Says on stage with Justice.

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