Festivals: Berlin Festival Preview

The Berlin Festival, co-organised by Melt Booking and Conny Opper, combines rock and electronic music
in an urban environment in two locations in and outdoors during the yearly Berlin Music Week.
Four stages day and night, it is impossible to see all the shows; some of the participating DJs help us make a choice. Here are their star acts of the festival. Who will YOU choose?

NINA AC CASEY's delight_1
AC CAsey (UhOh, Your Mom’s)
MY BLOODY VALENTINE – overdue – expecting a druglike noise experience over 130db, hopefully! – completes my 2013 have-to-see-at-least-once-in-my-lifetime-top 3-list of The B-52s, Iron Maiden and MBV. It would also contain Peter Gabriel if he wasn’t that pricey.
BJÖRK – alright, I admit, another lame headliner pick but I prefer classics. That’s what I call entertainment! Outerworldy costumes craze. I hope she brings her girl choir.
TURBOSTAAT – cause I think it is good for the German music landscape that they exist – though punkrock is not my cup of tea.
BLUR – the anthem of my teenage dreams – still sexy to me – never been on team Oasis.
PET SHOP BOYS – the world’s wisdom squeezed in 3-minute-pop songs – though their recent records mean not too much to me, they created eternity with their early releases – I hope they play I want a Dog!

 DJ team
in a few laconic words:
BLUR – amazing, beautiful, inspiring.
PET SHOP BOYS – super, fantastic, cool.
MY BLOODY VALENTINE – dirty, dark, slow and fast.

Shir Khan (Exploited)

Normally I don’t go for the big names but in this case I just have to.
BLUR – have never ever seen them live and been a fan since Song 2. I need to see them.
PET SHOP BOYS – not much to say about it. Bands you know since your childhood and have never seen and  you should watch at some point. Furthermore, Claptone just remixed the new single by the Pet Shop Boys.
CLAPTONE – speaking of one of my artists. I run an Exploited label showcase for the aftershow of the festival and the man with the golden mask, Claptone, will play there alongside me and other crew members.

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