Festivals: Boomtown’s Kaptin Reveals All


Ahead of the utterly incredible musical nutcase gathering that has become Boomtown Festival, we’ve managed to sit down its foremost citizen, the illustrious head-booker pirate Kaptin for some handy festival tips.

Local Suicide – Hi Kaptin! What’s the update on the political situation in Boomtown?

Kaptin – Well since last year’s revolution when Comrade Jose’s regime was toppled, it’s all been a little chaotic. The Masked Man has disappeared along with the Sheriff and everyone’s trying to figure out who the next leader might be. The only people who really seem to be helping to maintain some order and are actually bringing money into the city are Bang Hai Industries but it remains to be see how much we can trust them.

LSD – Once again the best of ska, punk, dub, hip-hop and bass music is descending onto the city. What are your personal highlights this year?

K – That’s such a tricky one for me as there’s obviously so many acts that I love but aside from all of the headliners, I’m really looking forwards to a lot of amazing high energy bands who don’t play over here that often such as Eskorzo, Hoffmaestro, Ska N Ska and all of the Jamaican artists such as Lutan Fyah, Mr Vegas, Jah 9, Agent Sasco, Raging Fyah, Iba Mahr, etc.

I’m also really looking forwards to the return of Portico Quartet, in fact the Jazz line up at The Windmill is one of the things I’m most excited about this year. Oh and on the DJ side of things we have some ridiculous collaborations including Mr Scruff with Ben UFO and Joy Orbison taking the whole Sunday in Vamos.

LSD – What are some of your festival survivals tips?

K – Well the first thing you need is an open mind but there’s such a diversity within the city that I’d suggest finding the areas that suit you best and concentrating your time there. If you’ve come for the Folk and World line up in the Wild West then you might get a little freaked wandering into the Scrapyard listening to banging Hardcore-Techno at night.

Pace yourself is probably the most important! With so many exciting things happening everywhere it’s easy to over do it but we have some lovely chilled areas these days, such as the new Lost Tribes or Whistler’s Green with lots of great workshops to get involved with and talks to see. There’s plenty of great food too so look after yourself, eat properly and drink plenty of water. We have some of the best acts in the world on Sunday so you’re gonna need to have some energy left!

Although it’s nice to make a schedule and I always have to do that at festivals these days, it’s also really important to ignore it sometimes and just get lost in the streets of the festival. As well as being the best way to discover new acts, there’s so much more than just the music going on at Boomtown that you need to give yourself up to it a little to see what it will give you back.

If you’ve never been to a festival before though, then toilet paper and wet wipes are always handy things to pack too.

LSD – What is your life like besides providing music for this ramshackle city?

K – I have many loves and interests but to be honest music is all encompassing in my life. As well as all of the music we have at the festival, I have plenty of other styles and genres I love or at least am interested in, so it’s really a life’s work to keep on top of it all. I spend a lot of time going to see live music and I also DJ which helps to take me around the world and to loads of festivals, so I use that as a way to experience new acts.

LSD – What do you think is going to be this year’s festival anthem?

K – That’s a tricky one given the multitude of genres we have everywhere but I reckon you’ll hear at least one of the versions of TQD’s ‘Ghosts’ a fair bit, they are doing an exclusive back to back with My Nu Leng too. We have some bespoke tracks made especially for us that you might catch around the festival and there’s a certain track you will probably hear loads as it’s a big part of the show. I can’t really say much more than that about it at the moment though sorry.

For full information on Boomtown Fair, head to the festival website.