Festivals: Go Short – International Short Film Festival 5th Edition

Go Short
is the Dutch festival for short film. For five days, over 300 short films were screened in and around LUX in Nijmegen, Backbone of the program were the films in European, Dutch and Student Competition. Then there were focus programs on the Milestones of Short Film, on Swedish Shorts, on Autour de Minuit and of course the Oscar Shorts. Besides screenings there were exhibitions, workshops, performances, parties and more!

This year the Go Short International Short Film Festival took place for 5th time. ‘Sweden’ was one of the most important themes of the festival. Swedish ambassador Håkan Emsgård talked with Ronnie Sandahl, director of The Route 43 Miracle, about the reflection of life in Swedish film.

The European Competition showed us the best of the shorts from all over Europe.
Beyond That Wasteland by Daniel Wirtberg  from Sweden

Edmond Was a Donkey by Franck Dion from France, Canada, which won the NTR Go Short Award for the best short animation film. Dylan’s Room by Layke Anderson  from United Kingdom. Lisboa Orchestra by Guillaume Delaperriere from France, which won the Go Short Youth Award The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak  from Germany, which won the NTR Go Short Award for the best short fiction film

When I Can’t Sleep I Talk to the Night Watch by Robin Färdig  from Sweden and One Line by Dimitris Argyriou from Greece are only some of the short film that we loved!

The Dutch Competition presents 20 of the best recent shorts from the Netherlands: Fallin’ Floyd by Albert ‘t Hooft & Paco Vink, Sans by Klaas Arie Westland , Sevilla by Bram Schouw are only some of the shorts that we find them excellent.

To Become, Shift, Transfer, Copy and Erase JANET LEIGH by Jeroen Offerman, won the VEVAM Go Short Award for best Dutch short film.

To offer young film talent a platform, Go Short presents the Breaking Shorts student competition

Nijmegen is all about Go Short.
Walking through the city, it was impossible NOT to notice the festival feeling of Go Short.

The management announced that 6th edition of Go Short – International Short Film Festival is scheduled from April 9th until April 13th.

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