Festivals: Local Suicide’s 5 CTM Picks


As we head back into the white coated slush of January, comfort is to be found in the knowledge that CTM is lurking around the corner. The festival for adventurous music and art turns 19 this year and has taken for theme “Turmoil”. If uneasy times demand uneasy music, what does this favorite of the Berlin festival circuit have in store this year? The answer is plenty and then plenty more. The 2018 cuvée is particularly potent and features the Berlin debut of some of our favorite artists like Equinoxx and Antwood alongside a monstrous programme of club nights, concerts, exhibitions, installations, talks, hacklabs and more.

Grab your tickets while they last and follow our guide.

Who? Antwood / Where? Club OST / When? January 27th, 23.45

Antwood has been a firm favourite of ours since the release of his debut album “Virtuous.scr” on the ever trustable Planet Mu. An album that chronicled the story of an AI, the album struck a chord with its impeccable, mutant sound design and tracks that ranged from steel drum led ambient to pneumatic voguing. Full of colour and drama, “Virtuous.scr” was followed by 2017’s equally stunning “Sponsored Content”, an album inspired by the very real idea of advertising during ASMR videos, a disturbing marketing ploy that would be shooting messages straight at the subliminal. Playing alongside Antwood is a fantastic cast which includes Jlin, Errorsmith, Special Request, Phon.o and more.

What? A panel on the role of drugs and hallucinogens in art / Where? Kuntsquartier Studio 1 / When? January 28th, 14.00


Not much information is available for the panel but we know that Dr. Henrik Jungaberle, an author and social scientist working in prevention and drug research who focuses on transdisciplinary research in the fields of psychotherapy, psychoactive substances, non-problematic forms of consumption and the psychedelic experience and artist Stefan Römer will be talking about an endlessly passionating subject.

Who? Colleen / Where? HAU1 / When? February 1st, 19.00


French musician Colleen produces intricate, mesmerising, profound music that traverses diverse instrumentations and sound worlds while steadfastly considering existential questions through contemplation. Her newest LP “A Flame My Love, A Frequency”, composed in reaction to the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris reflects on the interlacing of life and death and tries to find optimism in the face of tribulation. A standout album overall which we wholeheartedly recommend. Berlin-based Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt will also be performing live versions of her upcoming album Anticlines.

What? Adrenalin & Endorphin / Where? Berghain & Panorama Bar / When? February 2nd, 23.00.


While the entire Berghain dancefloor will be devoted to exploring the different threads of gabber and hardcore, including pioneering and newer sounds, Panorama will be shaking to warmer frequencies. A great way to experience Berghain away from the patented Sunday hype and predictability, downstairs will see Kilbourne and Kablam flying the flag of the newest incarnation of the hardcore aesthetic, all in deconstructed violence and brazen genre hopping, while Marc Acardipane and Darkraver will be killing it the old way. Upstairs, Laurel Halo and Batu will be bringing the bass pressure while Lakuti celebrates the fundamentals of house and very special guests, Tanzanian producer Bampa and MC Makaveli, will rep the happy-hardcore-tinged sounds from the streets of Dar Es Salaam.

Who? Equinoxx / Where? Berghain & Panorama Bar / When? February 2nd, 23.00


Kingston, Jamaica avant-dancehall collective Equiknoxx have made big waves with their prismatic, forward-thinking, shimmy-mandating latest releases, Bird Sound Power and the Colón Man, on Demdike Stare’s DDS imprint. Their CTM performance and Berlin debut proper will feature three core members: riddim producers Gavsborg & Time Cow and vocalist Shanique Marie. Not to be missed! The night also features a ridiculously strong lineup with DJ Heroin, Bad Gyal, Hunni’d Jaws and more manning the much loved Spree-side club.

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