Festivals: Mary Ocher’s Playlist ahead of her Performance at Yo! Sissy + 2×2 Giveaway

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Ahead of this years Yo! Sissy festival, that is taking place at Festsaal Kreuzberg on July 28-29 and you can get your tickets herewhich will be hosting performances by the top of the crop like Vitalic, Chicks on Speed, Planningtorock, Alinka & Shaun J.Wright, Junks and Mary Ocher, we got a lovely playlist made by the latter featuring overlooked female icons. Übertalented Mary Ocher has released 4 albums in the past 6 years and her latest “The West Against The People”, a true jewel out now on Klangbad and got featured by the likes of Fact, taz and Ransom Note.

Playlist of overlooked female icons:

We assume many things would have been easier had we been born male, we don’t know, we would never have that experience, and truth is i think it is a redundant thing to dwell on, while we could be doing productive things. These are some icons that deserve more than they got, whether it is because they were born female or not.

Sister Nancy – Bam Bam (1981)

– I was introduced to the album the track is on (One, Two) by the promoter of my last show in Baltimore.
It’s very very strong, and catchy, and groovy… and for some reason I had never heard of it before. Sister Nancy is said to be the first female dancehall vocalist (in a genre traditionally with very little female presence), she is still around.

Suburban Lawns – Janitor (1980)

– Being a fan of all things weird, and in particular weird and clever, this track hits the spot. The Suburban Lawns had only existed for 5 years and put out one album, but managed to get on TV and reach certain cult status nevertheless. There isn’t too much information out there on vocalist Su Tissue, just that she had released a contemporary piano solo release the following year, but her eerie presence lingers.

Sister Irene O’Conner – Fire (1976)

– The interesting thing about Sister Irene O’Conner is that despite being a nun, her music has firm roots in esotericism, when we think of music made by nuns it is usually very conventional church fare. The entire album (Fire Of God’s Love) is quite the opposite, it is a psychedelic odyssey into the unknown, and God just happens to be one of the protagonists.

Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger (1970)

– This track has influenced me more than i can ever tell, it resonates certain vocal treatment similar to Bruce Haack’s collaborations with Chris Kachulis on Electric Lucifer, and Ashby’s harp is sublime.

Brigitte Fontaine – Je Suis Inadaptée (1968)

– This one was discovered in a complication of French psych pop, though i wouldn’t necessarily place it there. I am much more familiar with her experimental recordings, but that track is really quite special, the lyrics are solid, according to the translation that i could fathom, as my French is pretty miserable.

We are giving away 2×2 to two of the lucky winners who will email us on win @ localsuicide . com with Yo! Sissy in the subject line and their favorite track at the moment in the email.


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