Festivals: Shortcutz Berlin #75


February is there and so is Shortcutz Berlin ‘s  new competition! The program for this week:

Competition Short # 1 : “Happy Tears” by Martin Monk

Synopsis:  An unexpected encounter with on object from his past Plunges a man into a dream-like state of reminiscence. He begins a journey into his mind and memories, helping him to remember something vital he had once known but forgotten Eventually: that true peace comes from within. 

Competition Short # 2 : “The Last Night of Baby Gun” by Jan Eilhardt

Synopsis:  Baby Gun takes one night to turn her life around from the streets to the theater, but not without extreme danger and a good friend but unlikely.

Special Guest: Gianluca Baccanico, a Philosopher and a Marshall McLuhan Fellow with research is on digital language and empathic perceptions. Gianluca is a member of the Loophole Art Space and he started the Boddinale Movie festival load-year. He therefore co-founded The Loop on online community for artists and event organizers.

Out of Competition Short : “The Loop”, Marcus Grysczok and Gianluca Baccanico

The movie which created in November 2012 to celebrate the launch of the network of artists with the same name.

A party with deejay JimmyBoy will take place afterwards.

And don’t forget to submit your new films to their weekly program!

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