Festivals: Sziget Global Town (Part 2)

Day 3

The British invasion of the Main Stage started with British Sea Power. The six-piece indie-rock band is one of Great Britain’s secret promises: so far, they have released five studio albums since 2000. Their music cannot be described by the usual indie-label, it’s more like a mixture of influences like the Cure, Arcade Fire or the Pixies, all these spiced up by a rather unique and special atmosphere. It is an amazing live band, grabbed people’s attention with their unique stage design and their show proved to be one of the most pleasant concert-experiences of the afternoon.

Skunk Anansie continued the British invasion and Skin, front woman, emblem and symbol of Skunk Anansie left no time for us to ponder: she rushed to the stage in her black sequined overalls and made everybody go crazy within a second. Skin was jumping around, went mad, lost her mind, screamed, yelled, started rapping, made a speech against London-riots with their song I’ve Had Enough, imitated sex with the cameraman…

The average age of the audience right after Skunk Anansie fell hard: teens in party glasses and neon t-shirts arrived to hear the artist behind the hit song Bonkers. There was only one problem with this (at least for them): Bonkers is perhaps the least significant chapter of Dizzee Rascal‘s lifework, let’s face this fact. Old school beats made some eyebrows behind the cages of the party glasses go high, but considering that the bass was really great and the DJ scratched our brain to pieces, plus Dizzee  offered us a significant amount of grime, kids decided to stay and have fun.

It is never a bad omen if Prodigy plays on the greatest stage of Sziget. Their presence always guarantees the kind of crowd you could not even imagine before, the speed they dictate makes everybody go crazy and the volume they offer makes our eardrums bleed by the end of the show.  As a result of this, the British formation with Maxim and Keith in the front row did not pay attention to anything else for an hour and a half but making us go crazy in front of the Main Stage. Right after World’s On Fire, they recalled the craziest moments of the early Prodigy-era with a combination of Breathe-Poison, and then moved on to Warrior Dance to please the crowd.

And these were not enough, as mr. Andres Trentemoller performed with full band in Burn Dance Arena and Dubfire from the legendary Deep Dish closed this glorious festival day.

Day 4

Kate Nash is considered to be one of the most talented British singers. Thanks to her voice, charisma and beauty, she even won the BRIT music award in the category of the best female singer in 2008, which is a rather serious professional award. However, there is something else to prove that she is an outstanding artist: it is her shows, obviously. They played more than seventy minutes, and we can definitely say that not only girls liked the show…

After beautiful Kate Nash, Kaiser Chiefs conquered the Main Stage of Sziget.  After a short intro, the opening song of the first album Everyday I Love You Less And Less made the crowd go crazy, turning them into screaming and dancing lunatics. It was a perfect mixture of old and new songs, and Ricky spiced up the show to the maxim: he sang in the crowd, ran around on stage like an athlete, and the closing song Oh My God is still one of the best indie-anthems ever.

The greatest band returning to Sziget this year – besides Prodigy, Chemical Brothers or Kaiser Chiefs – is definitely Thirty Seconds to Mars. The cult around the singer is quite unique, and the band managed to show us again why they are so popular. After the drum solo-intro we had 75 minutes of compulsory 30STM-atmosphere, with all the great hits, and Jared Leto really gets the hang of playing with his fans.

On the other stages we had the crazy Gaslamp Killer,  the Balkans musician Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Band,  and the electro dj Zombie Nation, among others.

 Day 5

The turnaround in biblical sense is an existing term when it comes to underground bands, too. We can only make wild guesses when it comes to figuring out how and why – to what weird head injury – the members of Mariachi El Bronx switched from hardcore/punk to Mexican mariachi music. Nevertheless the band seemed to be very familiar with the genre, all the country-like songs had a great atmosphere, and had they played with a bit more evil image, even Robert Rodriguez would have congratulated the band.

Eugene Hütz and his band is everybody’s favorite gypsy-punk act. Crazy, wild, nonstop dance, a great atmosphere and carelessness, making people forget about the hot weather, the dust and the fatigue of the last day. Even some people, actually, dressed in purple! Gogol Bordello did not stop for a second, and they even played fifteen minutes more than they were supposed to.

After Gogol Bordello, Brooklyn-based band, The National managed to create such a special atmosphere even with the first sounds that the feeling of the afternoon vanished and gave place to a gloomy-sad-liberated-goose bumpy feeling. The more than ten-year old band, with their five studio-albums mesmerized the audience with two additional world-musicians on stage. Following the opening song Start A War, they moved on to their greatest hits, while front man Matt Berninger was slipping his red wine on the stage…

Manic Street Preachers followed which, was playing in front of a purple curtain, surrounded by silver sculptures, and after You Love Us, they moved on to Your Love Alone is Not Enough,  and (It’s Not a War) Just the End Of Love exploded like a bomb.

Well, I am not a huge fan of James Dean Bradfield and co., ok, I am not a fan a tall, so I moved to Burn Dance Arena, in where the golden boy Kid Cudi performed and after that I headed to A38 stage to watch the performance of Kate Nash, oups sorry I mean Marina & The Diamonds. I confess that I was surprised by the really huge audience and of the great performance of Greek – Wales singer.

Despite the fact, that I fell in love with the blond singer, I preferred to head to Main Stage, in which the incredible success-story of London-based White Lies performed. The normally three-piece band expands to five members while on tour, in order to provide a fuller sound. The gig started with the first album’s Farewell to the Fairground, and then right after Stranger they pleased the audience with To Lose My Life. Then the fun continued, good feelings peaked as the voice of Harry McVeigh enchanted every festival-guests. The first single of the album Ritual, Bigger Than Us was the closing song, and people began to leave the area in front of the Main Stage.

Despite all these amazing acts, I hadn’t seen the craziest thing yet!

Probably, you don’t know mr. Kees van Hondt, except if you are from the Netherlands… well, neither did I until this awesome moment!
Watch the video and you will understand, why I think that THIS was the craziest moment of the whole festival!

(This and the Strip dancers! at noon the same day.)

That was in lines the Sziget fesival 2011…. Stay tuned, because Local Suicide & JimmyBoy are preparing something really special… the documentary of the festival!

p.s. Chuck Norris was there before the Sziget!


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