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Sextoy began her career in the 90s, in an exclusively male environment and managed to assert her singularity, both musical and stylistic: atypical look (pierced, tattooed) and always avant-garde on the trends of her time and ability to mix in a even set hard techno, house, rock, long before it became the norm.

With Ivan Smagghe, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini and a few others, Sextoy becomes one of the pillars of LeLe Pulp, the club of the “Grands Boulevards” that has done so much for the beauty and diversity of Parisian nights in 1997. On the rise, she died prematurely of a heart attack in 2002, at 33 years of age.

16 years after the lose of Delphine Palatsi aka DJ Sextoy, and 4 years after their making, the movies The Sextoy Project and Sextoy Stories are available online and in their full version.

Two documentaries in the form of a diptych, directed by Lidia Terki (director of feature film “Paris la Blanche”, in 2017) and Anastasia Mordin (Adeuxm Corsica)

The Sextoy Project is a film only composed of archives, in the form of a self-portrait. He received the Public Award at the Paris Festival FAME – Film & Music Experience at La Gaîté Lyrique in March 2014.

Watch it here

Sextoy Stories: archives and testimonies follow one another and we trace the course of DJ SEXTOY.

You can watch it here. English subtitles available, press “cc” under the screen.

The 2 films received the Jury Award at the 20th edition of the Chéries-Chéris Festival – Paris in November 2014.


Pascal Saint Andre & DJ Sextoy at the opening of the Global Tekno exhibition in 1995 at the American Center. It was the first show on what was still called Techno and House. Photo by Olivier Degorce

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