Film: Watch the Trailer to the Documentary Berlin Way Of Love


When it comes to meeting and dating, Berlin is out there. From the thriving sex party scene to the tons of “classic” options to go out and meet new potential exes, the city is an active one on the body to body front. A tolerant spirit, hard to match levels of energy and hot and interesting people left, right and center do make the whole business rather appealing.

Despite this there is a general consensus over the fact that Berlin is a city where finding love in the traditional sense is a mission. People are said to “fall in love with the city and only the city”.

A crew of young french filmmakers have gone looking for answers in the new documentary Berlin Way Of Love. The team interviewed a selection of the city’s underground figures and cultural actors, with the likes of Komet and Mad Kate featuring alongside a cast of native and adoptive berliners, in an attempt at finding out more about the whole dating experience in the city.

Check the trailer for Berlin Way Of Love below and stay posted for the full version which should see the light of day in February 2016.


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