Free Download: Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (TUSK Italo Depressive Remix)

We all love a good remix and when it comes to someone taking on an artist best known through his covers and the song is branded as an “Italo Depressive Remix” then… bring it on!

Fresh from a month long Korean / Chinese / Japanese tour with description evading band Hyenaz, Tusk has just dropped an Italo-Disco remix of Leonard Cohen‘s Everydbody Knows. Inspired by visions of an upcoming cynic, deceitful and politically broken winter, Tusk has taken Cohen’s gravelly vocals and set them to an Italo disco groove in the most Moroder of veins. First inspiration-struck while dropping the original classic during a party in London, Tusk’s interpretation of Cohen’s seething bitterness and cynicism sits quite naturally atop the pumping and strangely fitting melodic groove, with the female chorus backing vocals adding to the resigned, but weary of its resignation, general tone of the song.

The Australian born artist develops that ” in 2009, when the financial crash was just beginning to take hold and in the intervening years, with failed austerity policies, environmental disasters and the frightening transformation of Obama, it seemed like the song was becoming only more pertinent […] and as for the Italo Disco beats, well, like Emma Goldman almost said “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution”!

Italian readers, make sure not to miss Tusk performing alongside Mad Kate during an upcoming early November Italian tour which will take the duo to Vercelli, Prato, Ravenna, Roma and Altamura.

Everybody Knows is available as a free download on Tusk’s soundcloud page. It’s free and it’s a party beast so there’s absolutely no reason to not get involved.

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