Free Mp3: Atari Teenage Riot – Blood In My Eyes

Atari Teenage Riot release their new single, ‘Blood In My Eyes’, through Digital Hardcore Recordings as a teaser for the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Is This Hyperreal?’.

‘Blood In My Eyes’ features Nic Endo’s lead vocal. She speaks out for the multitude of women who have become the victims of human trafficking, their sexuality exploited for financial gain right under the gaze of the ineffectual governments of the self-proclaimed civilised west. Nic, wholly in tune with her trademark Japanese face-paint depicting “Resistance” makes her point in the inimitable Atari way.

‘Blood In My Eyes’ is a riveting electronic punk rock diatribe, paying homage to the feminine retributive subtexts espoused by cult films like ‘Kill Bill’ and heavily censored French art-house offering, ‘Baise-Moi.’

Free Mp3: Atari Teenage Riot – Blood In My Eyes

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