Free Mp3: Boy 8 Bit – Black Satanic Mysticism

“I am a young man who makes records on his computer. My name comes from the the fact I used to use an Amiga to make music – they used to use 8-Bit samples. I was young at the time.. Hence Boy 8-Bit. It has stuck ever since…”, this is a small introduction by the man himself. This is the third track from his EP Madrigal, out June 27th. Its name Black Satanic Mysticism comes from a a black metal track. Download this wicked trippy track for free!

Free Mp3: Boy 8 Bit – Black Satanic Mysticism

This is the video for one of his most famous older tracks Baltic Pine:

Author Bio:

Dj, producer, artist from Greece based in Berlin. In 2010 she formed with Brax Moody the Local Suicide dj team and blog. Their plan to take over the world seems to be working out - slowly but steadily. Beware Beware!


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